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Meeting Date: 4/4/2013

Planning Commission: 4/4/2013

Staff Contact: Fletcher Lacock, Current Planner I

PW Committee or L&F Committee: N/A

Petitioner: Renner and Associates, LLC for Parkview Estate LLC

City Council 1st Reading: N/A (Subject to Appeal)

Location: Southeast of the intersection of Parkview Drive and East Minnesota Street

City Council 2nd Reading: N/A

Agenda Title:

12PD043 - Initial and Final Planned Development Overlay to Allow a Townhome Development


The applicant has submitted a Final Planned Development Overlay to allow a townhome development.  In particular, the applicant is proposing to construct 24 townhome units.  Five of the structures will have 4 dwelling units and two of the structures will have 2 dwelling units.  In addition, there is a “common lot” with no structures.  The proposed townhome structures will be two-stories high with earth tone siding and stone and stucco accents.  The applicant has also submitted a Rezoning request (File #12RZ019) to change the land use designation for a portion of the above legally described property from Low Density Residential District to Medium Density Residential District.

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Staff Report

Legal Description

Zoning Map

Aerial Photograph

Letter of Intent

Site Plan

Floor Plan

Grading Plan

Landscape Plan