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ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the City Attorney's Office 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.

Please remember to turn all cellular phones off or to vibrate when entering the council chambers.

City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Wednesday, July 27, 2005, 12:30 p.m.

(Note, as a result of the adoption of the City Council Policies & Procedures manual the format of the agenda has changed.)

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

Approve Minutes of July 13, 2005

Adoption of the Agenda

General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present.  

SPECIAL ITEMS FROM THE PUBLIC (citizen requested to be placed on agenda)

1)   Doyle Estes – Relocation of On-Premise Sign (continued from the July 13, 2005 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)


2)   No. LF072705-01 – Approve Appointment of Bob Riggio and Bill Waugh to the Air Quality Board for a Three Year Term


3)   Karen Olson – Beautification Committee – Commercial Property Landscaping Ordinances (continued from the June 1, 2005 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

4)   No. LF072705-02 - Capital Improvements Program Committee Monthly Update

5)   No. LF072705-03 - Approve 2005 Capital Plan for Streets, Drainage and MIP Projects

6)   Recommend $15,000 be Allocated from CIP Contingency for the Visitor Information Center Sidewalk and Patio Replacement Project; and a $15,000 Match from the Visitor Information Center Trust Fund; and an Agreement that the VIC Would Build the Trust Fund Back to $25,000


7)   No. LF072705-04 - Approve Change Order A03 – Public Safety Building


8)   No. LF072705-05 - Approve Amended Travel Request for Joe Tjaden,, Rich Brodrick, and Kevin Hansen to Attend Advanced Haz-Mat Technician Courts in Pueblo , CO , October 16-21, 2005 , in the Approximate Amount of $5,806.26


9)   No. LF072705-06 - Approve Travel Request for Jeff Larus and Mark Brodrick to attend the Commercial & Industrial Power Systems:  A Seminar for Engineers on Overcurrent Protection in St Louis , MO , December 7-9, 2005 , in the Approximate Amount of $2,791.00

10)   No. LF072705-07 - Request Authorization for Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign the Quote for the Purchase of ArcView Maintenance Software in the Amount of $47,620.46 for the Purpose of Providing Current Software to the GIS ArcView Users


11)   No. LF071305-07 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5077 Regarding Supplemental Appropriation No. 3 for 2005

12)   No. LF072705-08 Resolution Fixing Time and Place for Hearing on Assessment Roll for Property Cleanup


13)   No. LF072705-09 - Authorize Staff to Advertise for Bids for Advertising for the Following Facilities:  Rapid City Swim Center , Roosevelt Ice Arena, Executive Golf Course, and Meadowbrook Golf Course (Including Golf Cart Fleet)

14)   No. LF072705-10 - Authorize Director of Parks and Recreation to Sign Professional Services Contract (Instructors)

15)   No. LF072705-14Approve Travel Request for Parks and Recreation Director Jerry Cole and Parks Division Manager Lon Van Deusen to attend the National Recreation & Parks Association 2005 Congress and Exposition to be held in San Antonio, TX October 18-22, 2005, at an approximate cost of $4,232



16)   No. LF072705-11 - Approve Raffle Request from Zonta Club of the Black Hills to Hold a Raffle on October 6, 2005

17)   No. LF072705-12 - Approve Raffle Request from The Rapid City Arts Council to Hold a Raffle on September 17, 2005

18)   No. LF102704-12A2 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 4083 Regulating On-Site Wastewater Disposal and Treatment by Adding Chapter 13.09 to the Rapid City Municipal Code (continued from the March 16, 2005, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

19)   No. LF072705-13 – Approve Request by Scott Martin for Ice Cream Vendor’s License for 2005


20)   Approve the Following Licenses:

Residential Contractor:  Chino Caekaert, A to Z Maintenance; and Clint Van Zanten,  Black Hills Construction Services

Electrical Apprentice:  Bryan Charging Cloud, Benjamin K. Marshall, and Cory S. Drake

Electrical Journeyman:  Douglas L. Barlean and Patrick Glasford

Electrical Contractor and Master:  Todd Schoenberner, Schoenberner Electric

Plumbing Apprentice:  Dustin J. Christensen, Justine Lee Stiefvater, Keith Moad, Steve D. Moad, Nicole C. Price, Casey Monson, Daniel R. Tribby, and Seth Walker

Plumbing Plumber:  Tim Nayman, Paul J. Ortiz, Manuel J. Swan II, Solomon Montano, and Jerry L. Duke

Plumbing Contractor:  Dave Kerr, H2O Plumbing; and Grover Johnson, Pettus Plumbing & Piping Inc.

 Trenching Journeyman:  Percy Lone Elk