Plat Building Envelope

No. 03PD055 - Eastridge Estates Subdivision
A request by Dream Design International, Inc. to consider an application for a Planned Residential Development - Initial and Final Development Plan on a parcel of land located in the NW1/4 of Section 24, T1N, R7E, BHM, being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner of said Section 24, Thence S0002'34"W along west line of said Section 24, 1658.76 feet to a point lying on said section line; Thence S8942'39"E 214.91 feet to the true Point of Beginning; Thence N1711'05"E 559.84 feet to a point lying on a curve concave to the north and whose chord bears N6809'33"W, 52.93 feet; thence westerly along the arc of said curve to the right whose radius is 326.00 feet and whose central angle is 0918'44", an arc length of 52.98 feet to a point on said curve; Thence N2629'49"E 225.68 feet; Thence S7248'55"E 449.34 feet; Thence S8942'39"E 968.73 feet; Thence S7943'59"E 240.06 feet; Thence S4424'35"E 245.46 feet; Thence S3536'13"E 198.45 feet; Thence S5422'35"W 372.00 feet; Thence N3651'50"W 198.63 feet; Thence S4113'41"W 143.86 feet; Thence S3525'38"W 99.79 feet; Thence N8942'39"W 1564.30 feet; to the true Point of Beginning, containing 27.182 acres more or less, more generally described as being located along Enchantment Road.