Difficulties in Hiring Professional Staff

Legal & Finance Commitee Recommendation

The Legal & Finance Committee unanimously recommended that the following options be explored with Human Resources staff and that additional information be presented in sixty days:

  1. Increase salary range or advertise for starting at other than Steps A D;

  2. Use bonuses (payable after a certain period of time) to attract candidates;

  3. Hire professional advertising/human resource firms to advertise positions;

  4. Hire a head hunter to recruit senior level positions (Division manager level positions and above);

  5. Create employee referral program where existing employees get bonus for identifying new hires that stay a period of time.

  6. Use career fairs to increase exposure to market;
  7. Review current relocation package provisions;
  8. Review on-line posting sites to determine if additional sites should be used;
  9. Review frequency of performance reviews and evaluations;
  10. Review methods used to conduct employee exit interviews; and,
  11. Explore quality of life issues and non-monitory benefits for retaining existing employees.