Agenda Item Summary


Public Works Committee: 10/1/2013

City Council 1st Reading : 10/7/2013

Legal & Finance Committee: 10/16/2013

City Council 2nd Reading : 10/21/2013

Staff Contact: Terry Wolterstorff

Petitioner: Stormwater Drainage Utility Task Force

Agenda Title:

Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5965 Creating a Stormwater Drainage Utility and Institute a Stormwater Drainage Utility Fee by Adding a New Chapter 13.26 to Title 13 of the Rapid City Municipal Code.


This ordinance will establish the Stormwater Drainage Utility and define the utility’s purpose.  In addition, the ordinance establishes the basic formulas for calculating the fee and the mechanism for collecting the fees.


The resolution to set the Unit Financial Charge and the resolution to Transfer the Drainage Basin Fees are on the agenda in conjunction with second reading.


A Revised Ordinance is linked below that includes changes made (additions are noted by underline) at the request of the Council at First Reading.  Changes include the following:

1.    Changing the fee to apply to the contiguous area of the city

2.    Mandating a minimum of 25% of the revenue be used for annual operations & maintenance of the existing system, with the balance to be used for capital improvements

3.    Adding a rate relief program for seniors and disabled persons


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City Council Options:

1.     Approve Second Reading

2.    Take no action

Attachments & Links:

Ordinance 5965

Revised Ordinance 5965

2014 Proposed Drainage Budget

Summary of Public Input Meeting  and Written Comments

Proposed Stormwater Drainage Utility Information Webpage

Unfunded Project Map