No. 09VR009 - NWE Subdivision

A request by Ferber Engineering Co., Inc. for South Dakota Game Fish and Parks to consider an application for a Vacation of Right-of-Way on the Dean Lane Right-of-Way located in Section 33, T2N, R7E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota more particularly described as: Commencing at a found plastic cap marked Renner #2652 at the Northwest corner of Lot 4 of Block 1 of Tract G of Meadowwood the True Point of Beginning; Thence, N02º03’12”E, a distance of 60.58 feet; Thence, S88º00’10”E, a distance of 356.54 feet; Thence, N86º54’00”E, a distance of 24.87 feet to a found nail; Thence, N86º41’03”E, a distance of 292.86 feet to a found cap marked Renner #2652; Thence, S03º05’15”E, a distance of 60.14 feet; Thence, S86º45’56”W, a distance of 320.15 feet to a found cap marked FMG #6119; Thence, N88º05’47”W, a distance of 135.29 feet, to a found cap marked Renner #2652; Thence, N88º09’07”W, a distance of 224.20 feet to the True Point of Beginning, more generally described as being located west of Sturgis Road and east of North 40th Street.

Planning Commission recommend that the Vacation of Right-of-way be approved with the following stipulations:


Prior to Planning Commission approval, the applicant shall provide copies of the recorded Pedestrian Access Easement and Public Access Easement; and


Approval of this Vacation of Right-of-way request by the Planning Commission shall authorize the vacation of the right-of-way pursuant to SDCL 11-6-22.

VOTE: (6 to 0 to 1 with Braun, Brewer, Collins, Kinniburgh, Marchand and Rolinger voting yes and none voting no and Scull abstaining)