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Please remember to turn all cellular phones off or to vibrate when entering the council chambers.

City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Tuesday, August 13, 2013; 12:30 p.m.

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum


Adoption of the Agenda  


General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present.  



CONSENT ITEMS -- Items 1 – 22


Public Comment opened – Items 1 – 22

Public Comment closed


Remove Items from the “Consent Items” and Vote on Remaining Consent Items


Approve Minutes


1)         PW081313-01 – Approve Minutes of July 30, 2013.




2)         PW081313-02 – Confirm the Reappointment of Dr. David C. Bartsch and the Appointments of Dan Rokusek and Brian L. James to the Rapid City Area Air Quality Board.


3)         PW081313-03 – Confirm the Reappointment of Clancy Kingsbury and the Appointment of Vicky Fenhaus to the Historic Sign Review Committee.


4)         PW081313-04 – Confirm the Reappointments of S. Allen Freeland, Eldene Henderson, and Ken Steinken and the Appointment of Jay Pond to the Standing Committee on Sustainability.




      Approve Change Order


5)         PW081313-05 – Change Order No. 1F to RCS Construction for East Meade Street Water Main Repair, Project No. 13-2114 / CIP No. 51001, for a decrease of $8,332.24.


6)         PW081313-06 – Change Order No. 5 to Moltz Construction, Inc. for Jackson Springs Water Treatment Plant, Project No. WTP10-1858 / CIP No. 50789, for an increase in the Contract Price of $34,688.00.


7)         PW081313-07 – Change Order No. 4 to Dean Kurtz Construction Company for Elk Vale Lift Station, Project No. 11-1999 / CIP No. 50728, for an increase of $68,451.00.


8)         PW081313-08 – Change Order No. 1F to Hills Materials Company for Pavement Rehabilitation – Locust Street, Project No. 13-2068 / CIP No. 50844, for a decrease of $9,695.96.


9)         PW081313-09 – Change Order No. 5F to Mainline Contracting for Elm Avenue Reconstruction – East Oakland Street to Utah Street, Project No. ST10-1777 / CIP No. 50643, for an increase of $1,436.85.


10)      PW081313-10 – Change Order No. 2F to Mainline Contracting for East Idaho and Ivy Water Main Reconstruction, Project No. 12-2059 / CIP No. 50421.3-1A, for a decrease of $24,751.28.


11)      PW081313-11Change Order No. 1F to Highmark Inc. for Homestead-Meadow Ridge Transmission Main Extension, Project No. 12-2011 / CIP No. 50898, for a decrease of $31,900.00.


      Authorize Staff to Advertise for Bids


12)      PW081313-12 – ASA Softball – Parkview Addition, Project No. 12-2043 / CIP No. 50937.  Estimated cost: $1,520,000.00.


      Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign


13)      PW081313-13 – Agreement between the City of Rapid City and Fennell Design Inc. for Professional Services for Horace Mann Park Pool Replacement, Project No. PR11-1942 / CIP No. 50864, in the amount of $395,750.00.


14)      PW081313-14 – Agreement between the City of Rapid City and HDR Engineering Inc. for Construction Professional Services for Minnewasta Water Main Reconstruction, Project No. 12-2060 / CIP No. 50383, in the amount of $56,257.00.


15)       PW081313-15Waiver of Right to Protest a future assessment for the installation of curb, gutter, sidewalk, pavement, sanitary sewer and street light conduit along Dyess Avenue as it abuts a portion of SE1/4NE1/4 of Section 20, T2N, R8E of the Black Hills Meridian, Pennington County, South Dakota. (Generally located ½ mile north of Seger Drive on Dyess Avenue)


16)      PW081313-16 – Agreement between the City of Rapid City and American Technical Services Inc. for Material Testing and Inspection Services for Roosevelt Park 50-Meter Pool, Project No. 12-2090 / CIP No. 50948, in the amount of $25,764.00.


      Engineering Division


17)      PW081313-17 – Recommendation for Scope of Construction for Dakota Drive and West Main Street Utility Reconstruction Project W10-1894.


18)      PW081313-18 – Approve Acceptance of Infrastructure for Homestead Subdivision Phase II - Ziebach Street Improvements, DEV 12-1066. 


19)      PW081313-19 – Request from Jim Steele for a Variance to Waive the Requirement to Install Sidewalk along Sun Ridge Road as it abuts proposed Lot 3 of the S and S Subdivision per City Ordinance 12.08.060.




20)      13TP037 -- 2013-2017 Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Plan -- Final Report.


21)      13TP039 -- 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program – Final.


22)      13TP040 -- Rapid City Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Functional Class Map.







Public Comment opened – Items 23 – 27

Public Comment closed




23)      PW081313-20 – Annual Report and Upcoming Goals for 2012-2014 from the Standing Committee on Sustainability – Erik Heikes.




      Engineering Division


24)      PW073013-15 – Request from Dream Design International for a Variance to Waive the Requirement to Install Sidewalk Along South Dakota Highway 44 per City Ordinance 12.08.060. (Continued from the July 30, 2013, Public Works Committee Meeting)


25)      PW073013-16 – Request from Dream Design International for a Variance to Waive the Requirement to Install Sidewalk Along Proposed Lytle Lane per City Ordinance 12.08.060.  (Continued from the August 5, 2013, City Council Meeting)


26)      PW081313-21 – Update on Racine Street Storm Water Drainage Issues.




27)      PW081313-22 – Report on Noxious Weed Concerns Resulting from Street Reconstruction – 5th Street to Saint Anne Street – Jeff Barbier.