Agenda Item Summary


Public Works Committee Meeting Date: 6/25/2013

City Council Meeting Date: 7/1/2013

Staff Contact: Ted Johnson

Petitioner: L&C Revocable Trust

Location: Lots 1 & 2 of Lot Y of Block 2, Strathavon Addition Revised (2015 Sheridan Lake Road)


Agenda Title:

Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign a Covenant and Hold Harmless Agreement Between The City of Rapid City and L&C Revocable Trust to Allow Certain Driveway Improvements to Encroach into the Public Right of Way.


Petitioner is requesting permission to build a private driveway within public Right-of-Way (ROW), and parallel to Sheridan Lake Road, as Lots 1 and 2 abut Sheridan Lake Road. The proposed driveway will extend north from the existing driveway access for Lot 1 to provide access to Lot 2.  The covenant agreement is needed to identify ownership and maintenance of proposed driveway, identify the conditions for allowing private use of public ROW, and to indemnify the City from liability due to driveway encroachment onto the ROW.   Currently, a 20-foot wide access easement exists across the front of Lot 1 adjacent to Sheridan Lake Rd. ROW.  

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):



Action: Choose an item. Approve Agreement to allow installation of private driveway in the public ROW; and authorize Mayor and Finance Office to execute Agreement.

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Deny the proposed installation of the driveway within the public ROW.

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Site Plan

Proposed Driveway Plans

Certificate of Trust

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