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City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Tuesday, December 15, 2009; 12:30 p.m.

(Note, as a result of the adoption of the City Council Policies & Procedures manual the format of the agenda has changed.)

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum


Approve Minutes of December 1, 2009 


Adoption of the Agenda  


General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present.  




1)         No. PW121509-01 – Change Order No. 1F to Highmark, Inc. for Tower Road Water Main Loop, Project No. W09-1786 / CIP No. 50753, for a decrease of $8,158.80.


2)         No. PW121509-02 – Change Order No. 1F to Hills Materials Company, for Main Fire Station Waterline, Project No. IDP09-1791 / CIP No. 50772, for a decrease of $2,604.28.




3)         No. PW121509-03 – Omaha Street Storm Water Quality Project, Project no. DR09-1801 / CIP No. 50782.  Estimated Amount of Project:  $200,000.00.


4)         No. PW121509-04 –Landfill Gas Collection System, Project No. LF09-1795 / CIP No. 50762.  Estimated Amount of Project:  $1,350,000 with $600,000 provided by Department of Energy Grant.


5)         No. PW121509-05 – E. St. Francis Street, E. St. Anne Street, and Birch Avenue Reconstruction, Phase Two Project Three of Robbinsdale Reconstruction Project, Project No. ST09-1823 / CIP No. 50424.  Estimated Amount of Project:  $1,750,000.00.




6)         No. PW121509-06 – Amendment No. 2 to the Agreement with Ferber Engineering Company, Inc. for the East Mall Drive Connection-North La Crosse Street to East North Street, Project No. ST06-1334b / CIP No. 50521, EM1608(3)-PCN 012F, in the amount of $33,113.94.


7)         No. PW121509-07 – Agreement Between City of Rapid City and State of South Dakota for Appraisal Review Work for the Anamosa Street Reconstruction Project, from Haines Avenue to Midway Street, Project No. ST07-1472 / CIP No. 50519, State Project P 1648(03), PCN H021, in the amount of $2,500.00.


8)         No. PW121509-08 – Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement with Geiger Architecture for the Milo Barber Transportation Center Improvements, Project No. GB08-1765 / CIP No. 50746, for an increase of $36,250.00.


9)         No. PW121509-09 – Agreement with HDR Engineering for St. Patrick Street Siphon Odor Control Facility, Project No. SS09-1825 / CIP No. 50774, in the amount of $31,488.00.


10)      No. PW121509-10 – Addendum No. 4 to the Agreement with SD Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Lease Agreement, dated October 13, 1992.


11)      No. PW121509-11 – Agreement with Dream Design International, Inc. for Cliff Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension, Project No. SS09-1830 / CIP No. 50778, in the amount of $55,455.00.


12)      No. PW121509-12 – Agreement with Dream Design International, Inc. for the Heights Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension, Project No. SS09-1831 / CIP No. 50777, in the amount of $63,425.00.


13)      No. PW121509-13 – Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement with FMG, Inc. for the Anamosa Street Reconstruction (Haines to Midway), Project No. ST07-1472 / CIP No. 50519, in the amount of $8,654.20.




14)      Update on Westbound Left Turn Arrow at Mount Rushmore Road and Saint Patrick Street.




15)      No. PW121509-14 – Request Authority to Purchase Roadway Deicing Salt.  Estimated Cost:  $100,000.00.




16)      No. 09FV013 - Stoneridge Subdivision – A request by John Kurle to consider an application for a Fence Height Exception to allow a six foot high fence in the front yard setback on Lots 1 of Block 2 of Stoneridge Subdivision, Section 18, T1N, R8E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, more generally described as being located at 310 Gemstone Drive.


17)      09EX117 – An Appeal of Denial of Request to allow a residential driveway approach opening width greater than 20’ for a residential lot located at 4122 Quiment Court in Red Rock Meadows Subdivision.


18)      09TP032 – 2010-2014 Transportation Improvement Program Amendment No. 10-001R




19)      Report on Diving Board Use during Family Swim Time.


20)      No. LF120209-38 – Discussion on Providing Equipment and Manpower to Clean up Canyon Lake Park, Roosevelt Park, and Memorial Park (referred from the December 7, 2009, City Council Meeting).