Agenda Item Summary


Meeting Date: 4/16/2014

City Council:   4/21/2014

Staff Contact: Patsy Horton, Long Range Planning Manager

Planning Commission: 4/10/2014

Petitioner: N/A

PW Committee: 4/15/2014

Location:  Community wide

LF Committee: 4/16/2014

City Council Set for Hearing: N/A

City Council Public Hearing: 4/21/2014

MPO Committee: 4/17/2014, 6/12/2014

Agenda Title:

14CA002 - Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan by adopting “Plan Rapid City” Comprehensive Plan (14TP011)


Plan Rapid City, the City’s new comprehensive plan, is a long-range planning document that provides guidance on where and how the community will grow and evolve over the next 25+ years. Comprehensive Plans typically consist of maps, policy statements, and goals and objectives addressing issues relating to growth, housing, economic development, transportation, environment, parks and open space, aesthetics, community character, and historic preservation and conservation. The City will use the Comprehensive Plan as a guide for land use and public investment decisions. Property owners, citizens and decision makers will use it to guide and inform their decision-making on land use issues, such as where residential, commercial and industrial development should occur in the future, and at what densities. Community organizations will use the Plan to work toward a common community goal for the future.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

Budget driven priorities to be implemented


Action: Approve with minor language changes as appropriate.

Notes: Planning Commission recommended approval with minor language changes as appropriate; 4/10/2014


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Attachments & Links:

Staff Memo

Plan Rapid City – Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Community Vision and Core Values

Chapter 3 – A Balanced Pattern of Growth

Chapter 4 – A Vibrant Livable Community

Chapter 5 – A Safe, Healthy, Inclusive & Skilled Community

Chapter 6 – Efficient Transportation & Infrastructure Systems

Chapter 7 – Economic Stability & Growth

Chapter 8 – Outstanding Recreational & Cultural Opportunity

Chapter 9 – Responsive, Accessible & Effective Governance

Chapter 10 – Growth & Reinvestment Framework

Chapter 11 – Neighborhood Policies

Chapter 12 - Implementation

Future Land Use Map

Parks and Recreation Map

Appendix Overview

Appendix A – Community Profile

Appendix B – Retail Demand Memorandum

Appendix C – Zoning Diagnosis

Appendix D – Authentic Youth Engagement Strategic Plan

Appendix E – Public Participation Summaries

Planning Commission Resolution

City Council Resolution