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Legal and Finance Meeting Date: May 29, 2013

City Council Meeting Date:† June 3, 2013 Click here to enter date.

Staff Contact: Katherine Palmer, Long Range Planner I

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Authorize Mayor, Finance Officer, and Community Planning and Development Services Director to sign Amendment #1 to the Allocation Award between State Historical Preservation Program, Office of History and Rapid City Historic Preservation Commission.


The City and Office of History signed an Allocation Award Agreement in 2012, Project Number SD-12-022, granting the Rapid City Historic Preservation Commissionís $24,410.00 to help fund historic preservation projects.† This amendment will extend the 2012 grant in the amount of $24,410.00 to August 20, 2013.

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No change in funding.


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Staff Memo

Amendment #1

Allocation Award Agreement Project Number SD-12-022

West Boulevard Design Handbook