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ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the City Attorney's Office 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.

Please remember to turn all cellular phones off or to vibrate when entering the council chambers.

City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Wednesday, February 28, 2007 12:30 p.m.

(Note, as a result of the adoption of the City Council Policies & Procedures manual the format of the agenda has changed.)    

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum 

Approve Minutes of February 14, 2007  

Adoption of the Agenda    

General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present.    

SPECIAL ITEMS FROM THE PUBLIC (citizen requested to be placed on agenda)

1)     No. LF021407-01 - Greg Suto – Request to Designate Two Hour Parking in 900 Block of Columbus Street (continued from the February 14, 2007 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

2)     Dale Schumacher – Code Enforcement Issue Regarding 832 Haines Avenue  

3)     No. LF022807-01 - Historic Preservation Commission 2006 Annual Report (Information Only) 


4)     No. LF022807-02 - Resolution Recognizing Rapid City Clean-Up Day  

5)     No. LF022807-03 – Approve Appointment of Catherine Calhoon to the Beautification Committee  


6)     No. 07OA002 (LF011007-06) - Council Development Committee – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5232 Establishing a Process by Which Exceptions Can be Granted to the City’s Lot Length to Width Requirements by Adding Section 16.24.015 to the Rapid City Municipal Code (referred from the February 5, 2007, City Council meeting) 

7)     No. LF080206-04A - Application for City License, Striking the Words “Arrested or” Under the Subtitle Labeled “Legal” (continued from the August 16, 2006, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the August 30, 2006, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the September 13, 2006, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the November 1, 2006, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the November 29, 2006, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the December 13, 2006, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the January 10, 2007, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the January 31, 2007, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, and the February 14, 2007, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

8)     No. LF013107-02 - Sam Kooiker - I-90 signage (continued from the January 31, 2007 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting and from the February 14, 2007 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

9)     No. LF021407-04 - Sam Kooiker - HVAC/Temperature Controls Bidding Process (continued from the February 14, 2007 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting) 

10)    Tom Johnson - ACE Coordinator Position and Office Location (continued from the February 14, 2007 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

11)    No. LF022807-04 - Bob Hurlbut - Recommendation of Sign Code Task Force

12)    Bill Okrepkie – Downtown Parking Ramp  

13)    No. LF022807-12 - Approve Lowry Lane & Interstate 90 Sanitary Sewer Crossing Project in the Amount of $90,000 from the .16 Utility Fund with Repayment to be Realized from the Rushmore Crossing Tax Increment District and Contingent upon the City Attorney's Office Review of the Bid Process for Compliance with Statutory Requirements


14)    No. LF022807-05 - Approve Festival of Presidents Event Permit for June 29-30, 2007 


15)    No. LF022807-06 – Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Memorandum of Understanding between Medical Air Rescue Corporation and the Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services

16)    No. LF022807-07 – Authorize Staff to Accept Grant from South Dakota Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness for the HazMat Technician Course in Pueblo , CO , July 9-20, 2007 , in the Approximate Amount of $3,615.35

17)    No. LF022807-08 – Approve Travel Request for Dan Alfson, Jason Reitz and Scott O’Connor to Attend the HazMat Technician Course in Pueblo, CO, July 9-20, 2007, in the Approximate Amount of $11,158.05 ((this will be covered by the above grant and a grant in the amount of $7,464 which was approved by Council on 12/18/06))

18)    No. LF022807-09 – Approve Travel Request for Randy Raue and Mark Kirchgesler to Attend FDIC Conference in Indianapolis , IN , April 17-21, 2007 , in the Approximate Amount of $2,384


19)    No. LF022807-10 – Approve Travel Request for Terry Krause to Attend ARFF Working Group Aircraft Cargo Conference in Memphis , TN from April 10-13, 2007 , in an Approximate Amount of $1,643

20)    No. LF022807-11 – Approve Travel Request for Mason Short, Kevin Lewis, Jerry Shoener, and Jerry Mitchell to Attend Annual South Dakota Airports Conference in Yankton, SD, March 28-30, 2007 , in an Approximate Amount of $1,128  


21)    No. LF121306-06 – Difficulties in Hiring Professional Staff (continued from the December 13, 2006 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting and from the February 14, 2007 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

22)    No. LF022807-13 – Request to Accept Warranty Deed for Tract H of McMahon Subdivision, located in Section Twenty-four (24), Township Two North (T2N), Range Seven East (R7E) of the Black Hills Meridian, City of Rapid City , Pennington County , South Dakota and Designate the Same as Park Land

23)    No. LF022807-26 - Rapid City 2006 Population Estimates

24)    No. 07OA003 Ordinance Amendment - A request by Faulk & Foster for WWC License LLC, d/b/a Alltel to consider an application for an Ordinance Amendment to add communication towers and antennas as a Conditional Use in the Heavy Industrial and Light Industrial Zoning District by amending Chapter 17.24.030 and Chapter 17.22.030 of the Rapid City Municipal Code. (recommended denial)


25)    No. LF022807-14 - Authorize Issuance of Request for Proposal for Actuarial Valuation Services Related to Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) at an Estimated Cost of $20,000

26)    Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Letter of Engagement with Casey Peterson & Associates, LTD to Conduct the Audit for Calendar Year 2007 at a Cost of $30,000 with an Option to Renew for Calendar Year 2008 at a Cost of $31,000 and Calendar Year 2009 at a Cost of $32,000 

27)    Acknowledge the Following Volunteers for Workmen Compensation Purposes: Mickey Snook, James White, Patrick Coyne

28)    No. LF013107-42A – Resolution to Establish Additional Staffing in the Public Works Department (continued from the February 14, 2007 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

29)    No. LF022807-16 – Resolution Regarding Employee Swimming Pool Rates

30)    No. LF022807-25 – Resolution Declaring Property Surplus  


31)    No. LF022807-17 – Approve Travel Request for David McFarland to Attend NAFA’s Fleet Management Institute Conference in Houston, TX, from May 4-9, 2007, in an Approximate Amount of $2,275.85

32)    No. LF022807-18  - Approve Travel Request for Teresa Bultsma to Attend the Biological Nutrient Removal Short Course in Denver , Co. May 15-17 in the Approximate Amount of $1686  


33)    No. LF022807-19 - Request for Extended Ice Season at the Roosevelt Park Ice Arena  


34)    No. LF011007-28 Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5244 Setting Forth a Running Five Year Plan in 2012 (continued from the February 14, 2007, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

35)    No. LF022807-15 – Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 5257 to Move the Day of Regularly Scheduled Council Meetings that Coincide with Federal Holidays by by Amending Section 2.08.010 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

36)    No. LF022807-22 - Authorize the Mayor to sign a Local Governing Body Approval letter for Teton Coalition, Inc.’s application for South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA) Low Income Housing Tax Credits

37)    No. LF022807-23 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to sign an Agreement for Independent Contractor Services between Western South Dakota Community Action Agency and the City of Rapid City

38)    No. LF022807-24 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to sign an Agreement for Independent Contractor Services between Hayman & Associates and the City of Rapid City


39)    Approve the Following Licenses: 

Central Station Service:  HSM Electronic Protection Services, Mary E Brown

Second Hand:  I Sold It, Jamie V Al-Haj; Micro Solutions, Inc, Jamie V Al-Haj

Mobile Home Court:  NGB Investment Co., Richland Mobile Home Estates; Mollers Limited Partnership, Eastbrooke Mobile Home Park; Barker & Little LPI, Marquette Mobile Manor; Bacon & Sherman LPI, Hillsview Mobile Home Court; C & W Countryside LLC, Countryside Mobile Estates; and Wilcox & Reid LPI, Deluxe Mobile Home Park

Residential Contractor:  John Phelps, Phelps Mfg.; Randall Peregrine, Peregrine Custom Homes; and Robert Pagan, K-Ram Industries     

Plumbing Apprentice:  Jason Duwenhoegger, Ryan Harmon, Bradley Hatheway, Phillip Hauk, James Haynes, Kevin Miller, William Peldo, Tim Simon, Dean Williamson, and Derrick Williamson

Plumbing Plumber:  Robert Bandy, Thurman Blackbird, Joel Brown, Jerald Cihak, Bernard Curl, Rick DeHaven, William Ficken, Roger Goehner, Hilmen Hanson, Daniel Hartman, Gregory Hartman, Brennen Heigh, Chris Hetzel, Leo Kline, Rodney LaGasse, Jef Mattern, Dan Michael, Jeremy Miller, Michael Ogren, Paul Ortiz, Douglas Ries, Lloyd Roscamp, Tim Scholl, Jim Shuman, Leonard Smith, Shayne Tines, Brian Ulmer, Duane Venable, Cory Williamson, and Terry Wlodarczyk 

Plumbing Contractor:  Dennis Brown, DB Plumbing; Terry Burgad, Yes Siri Plumbing & Heating Inc.; Robert Cline, Cline Plumbing; Gerald Cook, Accurate Plumbing & Heating; Dennis Corcoran; Tessier’s Inc.; Kevin Curl, Diamond C Mechanical; Paul Dollman, Paul’s Plumbing Service; John Drewitz, JKD Plumbing; Douglas Ficken, D & T Professional Plumbing Co, Inc.; Chad Filek, J-Berd Mechanical; Thomas Hagemann, Action Mechanical; Benjamin (Bruce) Hartley; Scott Hartman, Wolff’s Plumbing & Heating; Jeff Heil, Heil Mechanical Inc.; Steve Hughes, Hughes Plumbing; Paul Iseminger, Western Mechanical Service; Robert Kenzy, Kenzy Plumbing; Kim Kerns, Metro Plumbing Inc.; Kelly Klein, Hills Plumbing & Heating; Larry Nelson, Nelson Ditching & Excavating Inc.; Gene Opstedahl, Opstedahl Plumbing; John Paulson, Paulson Plumbing; Gary Pleinis, Pleinis Plumbing; James Rensch, Rushmore Plumbing Services Inc.; Alvin Rudd Jr., Rudd Plumbing; Jim schnittgrund, Jim’s Plumbing & Heating Inc.; Ted Simonson, Western Mechanical; Allan Spodnik, Custom Plumbing; Dennis Walz, Dede’s Faucet Repair; and Donovan Williamson, Waterworks Plumbing Inc.

Water Softening Contractor:  Paul Champion, Champion Water Systems Inc. and Gary Robinson, Watertree Inc.

Gas Fitter:  Ken Kenitzer

Trenching Journeyman:  Carol Green, Josh Manry, Bruce Williams

Sewer and Water Contractors:  Wade Wasserburger, Black Hills Construction, Inc.; John L. Long, Iron Horse Excavating, Inc.; William J. Keller, Hills Materials Company; Jim Schnittgrund, Jim’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc.; Daniel Wieczorek, Dan’s Ditching, Inc.; Robert Quinn, Quinn Construction, Inc.; Dwight B. Hanna, Zandstra Construction; Rodney Reynolds, Rod’s Excavating; Duane Oehlerking, Kingman Construction, Inc.; Kyle Nelsen, Nelsen Construction Steve Moore, A-1 Ditching; Gerold (Dale) Schuelke, Highmark, Inc.; Cody Schad, Covin, Inc.; Duane Olson, Olson Excavating, Inc.; Mitch Morris, Black Hills Excavating Co., Inc.; Robert Warax, Warax Excavating, Inc.; Dane Sundstrom, Xcel Demolition; Jamie Gerlach, All Around Construction, Inc.; Cameron Miller, Miller Construction; Don Solinsky, Solinsky Construction, Inc.; Kirk Worley, Schad Excavation; Marvin Erikson, Marv’s Excavating, Inc.; Kim Kerns, Metro Plumbing, Inc.; Gary Hamm, Diamond M Inc.; Kenneth Reinert, Spearfish Excavating, Inc.; James DeHaan, DeHaan Construction, Inc.; Jerald Mitzel, JV Bailey Co., Inc.; Greg Lind, Lind Exco, Inc.; Jack Sagdalen, Hills Construction, Ltd.; Dennis Thurman, Shovelhead Excavating, Inc.; Michael Schnell, Simon Contractors of SD; James Morris, Mainline Contracting, Inc.; Alan Schroeder, Inactive

Trenching Contractors: Jacob Ankele, III, Iron Horse Excavating, Inc.; Dale Christiansen, Honey Creek Landscaping, Inc.; Dennis Woodard, Expertech Network Installations; Douglas Wilson, Scull Construction Service, Inc.; Dan O’Brien, O’Brien Construction, Inc.; Jim Mann, MDU; Randall Albers, Checker Electric, Inc.; Jared Tordsen, Tordsen Backhoe Service; Perry Bicek, Bicek Construction; Don Williams, Cable Communication Services, Inc.; Paul Ekstrom, Push, Inc.

Sewer and Water Journeyman:  Norman Wiederich, Stephen Swanson, Thomas Schumacher, Dale Raish, Warren Jaasund, Robert B. Hengen, Warren (Mike) Case, Tony Parker, Dion Frost, Rodney Rilling, Jeremy Larson, Shelby Moore, Justin Schuelke, Dave Hepburn, Kory Hudelson, Samuel Morris, III, Rob Davis, Bret Olson, Richard Albers, Marc Myers, Leonard Baker, Kevin Hein, David (Mike) Spear, Randy Schumacher, Donald Brumbaugh, Brandon Fogelman, Gale Schipke, Jerry Bassett, Peter Nikkila, Glenn Taylor, Percy Lone Elk, Kevin Good, Kurt Garlick, Robert Frease, Ron Berens, John Tippman, Ryan Simpson, Daniel Sagdalen, Cal Hoogestraat, Brandon Hemenway, Floyd Schafer, Cole Smith, William Huber

Trenching Journeyman:  Rick Wieczorek, David Jedlicka, Steven Quenzer, Paul Tedford, Joe Ford, Justin Haider, Robert Stanfiel, Anthony Patino, Marcus Cleberg, William Dutton, Kip Easton, Billy Gifford, Jim Gray, Darwin Heying, Gary Higlin, Rick Himmelspach, Nathaniel Houchin, Wade Jutila, Jim Lien, Wyatt Lien, Henry McIntosh, Clint Morgan, Andrew Morse, Don Osborne, Kelly Smith, Chuck Yotter, Toby Bordewyk, Ron Blum, Larry Nelson, Derek Weigel, David Rhodes, Tayler Perli, James Renville, Charles Cummings, Kent Otto, Tom Beetem, Kevin Paugh