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ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the City Attorney's Office 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.

Please remember to turn all cellular phones off or to vibrate when entering the council chambers.

City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Wednesday, March 15, 2006, 12:30 p.m.

(Note, as a result of the adoption of the City Council Policies & Procedures manual the format of the agenda has changed.)

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum 

Approve Minutes of March 1, 2006    

Adoption of the Agenda    

General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present.    

SPECIAL ITEMS FROM THE PUBLIC (citizen requested to be placed on agenda)  


1)         No. LF031506-01 - Approve Appointment of Scott Sogge to the Historic Preservation Commission



2)         No. LF031506-02 - Approve Travel Request for Jon Dicks to Attend National Forensic Academy in Knoxville , TN , September 8- November 17, 2006 , in an Approximate Amount of $6,906  


3)         No. LF031506-03 - Approve Travel Request for Dustin Willett to Attend Critical Care Paramedic Class in Baltimore , MD , July 15-29, 2006 , in an Approximate Amount of $2,326

4)         No. LF030106-07 – Declare Medtronic the Sole Source Provider for Defibrillators

5)         No. LF030106-08 – Declare Stryker the Sole Source Provider for Ambulance Cots

6)         Authorize Staff to Apply for the 2006 Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the Department of Homeland Security


7)         No. LF031506-04 - Proposed Changes to "Tax Increment Financing in Rapid City , A Guide for Applicants"  


8)         No. LF031506-05 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Rapid City D-FAST License Agreement 

9)         No. LF031506-06 - SDML District 9 Meeting April 19, 2006 , 6:00 p.m. New Underwood  


10)      No. LF031506-07 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Maintenance Service Agreement with Automated Maintenance Systems, Inc. for Janitorial Services at Water Reclamation 

11)      No. LF031506-08 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Addendum to Cost Sharing Agreement

12)      No. LF031506-09 – Resolution Regarding Utility Construction Fees (Highway 16 Water Main Extension)  


13)      No. LF031506-10 - Acknowledge Raffle Request from Crazy Horse

14)      No. LF031506-11 - Authorize Staff to Sign Order Form with Thomson West for Westlaw Services

15)      No. LF020106-22A – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5137 Modifying the Term of Service for the Members of the Rapid City Regional Airport Board by Amending Section 2.72.020 and 2.72.030 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

16)      No. LF030106-19 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5139 Creating the Division of Community Development Within the City Attorney’s Office by Amending Chapter 2.16 of the Rapid City Municipal Code and by Amending Section 2.47.040 of the Rapid City Municipal Code and by Repealing Chapter 2.24 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

17)      No. LF030106-25 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5140 Increasing the Allowed Length for a Common Path of Egress Travel in R-2 Occupancies by Adding Section 15.12.727 to the Rapid City Municipal Code  


18)      Approve the Following Licenses: 

House Mover:  Ron Huntley, Huntley Construction and Geoff Hooper, Dakota Hills Housemoving

Mobile Home Park :  Ash Avenue Mobile Home Park , Jennie Rosenkranz; and Brookdale Mobile Home Estates, Brenda Draper- Manager

Mechanical Contractor:  Josh Eccleston, One Way Service Pro’s

Electrical Apprentice:  Gerald Quinn, Michael Chon, Justin Schafer, Robert Draine, Gene Pesicka, Clayton Ness, and Paul Camblin 

Electrical Journeyman:  Harlan Bossman

Electrical Master:  Emmett Vliem and Mark Brodrick

Electrical Contractor:  David Taylor, Taylor Electric

Gas Contractor:   Russell Ochsner

Mechanical Appliance Specialist:  Todd Goodrich

Mechanical Apprentice:  Troy Hastings

Residential Contractor:  William E Thompson, Western SD Community Action; Phil Harvey, Phil Harvey Construction; Mark Bradsky, Canyon Development; Timothy Lane, Silver Mountain Co.; Jim Oyler, Black Mountain Builders Inc.; Robert Brandt, Mountaintop Construction; and Daniel Bestgen, Wood Hut 

Plumbing Contractor:  Daryl Aston, Action Mechanical; Brad Bilka, Pine Tree Plumbing Inc.; Brian Boock, By the Boock Plumbing; Dennis Brown, DB Plumbing; Tim Callahan, Callahan Plumbing & Heating; Kevin Curl, Diamond C Mechanical; Andrew Danner, A D Mechanical; John Drewitz, JKD Plumbing; Douglas Ficken, D & T Professional Plumbing Co. Inc.; Jack Franke, Day & Night Plumbing; Jason Franke, Day & Night Plumbing; Thomas Hagemann, Action Mechanical; John Hammond Jr., Action Mechanical; Benjamin (Bruce) Hartley; Scott Hartman, Wolff’s Plumbing & Heating; Jeff Heil, Heil Mechanical Inc.; Rod Holmes,  Holmes Plumbing Inc.; Steve Hughes, Hughes Plumbing; Paul Iseminger, Western Mechanical Service; Robert Kenzy, Kenzy Plumbing; Kim Kerns, Metro Plumbing Inc.; Kelly Klein, Hills Plumbing & Heating; Frank Krohmer, Krohmer Plumbing; Henry Niemann, Hank’s Plumbing; Larry L Olson, Olson’s Plumbing & Heating; Wayne Piebenga, Wyo-Dak Plumbing & Heating; Gary Pleinis, Pleinis Plumbing; Steve Prestjohn, Black Hawk Plumbing & Heating; James Rensch, Rushmore Plumbing Services Inc.; David Rohrer, Plumber Dave; Jim Schnittgrund, Jim’s Plumbing & Heating Inc.; Wesley Scholl, Scholl Plumbing & Heating Inc.; John Shook, Action Mechanical; Scott Smith, Aqua Plumbing & Heating; Allan Spodnik, Custom Plumbing; Doug Van Dierendonck, Doug’s Plumbing; Dennis Walz,  Dede’s Faucet Repair; and Elmer Wiege, Wiege Plumbing Repair

Plumbing Plumber:  Robert Bandy, Gerald Barry, Thurman Blackbird, Joel Brown, Jerome Bryant, Andrew Chado, Bernard Curl, Rick DeHaven, Roger Friedrichsen, Roger Goehner, Hilmen Hanson, Daniel Hartman, Gergory Hartman, Tim Hillestad, Leo Kline, Rodney Lagasse, Cecil Lewton, Jef Mattern, Dan Michael, Bruce Nash, Michael Ogren, Scott Piebenga, Douglas Ries, Lloyd James Roscamp, Travis Sales, Tim Scholl, John Shorter, Jim Shuman, Leonard Roy Smith, Brian Ulmer, Timothy Lee Van Buren, and Duane Venable

Plumbing Apprentice:  Marlon Bordeaux, Marc Dummermuth, Larry Haney, James Haynes, Benjiman Kirkland, Clifford Larson, Dustin Maher, Travis Neal, Aaron Olson, Julian Postelnicu, Marvin Tisdall, Daniel Tribby, and Andrew Wood

Water Softening Contractor:  Gary Robinson, Watertree Inc.

Refuse Collection:  Bradley Dumpster Service, Mark or Lucile Bradley; Kieffer Sanitation, Inc, Alan & Cliff Kieffer; Sander Sanitation Service, Timothy J Sander;

Refuse Disposal:  Salomon Sanitation, Donna Salomon 

Sewer and Water Journeyman:  Wesley Hall

Trenching Contractor:  Daniel S. Lundeen, Lundeen Construction Services