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ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the City Attorney's Office 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.

Please remember to turn all cellular phones off or to vibrate when entering the council chambers.

City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Wednesday, March 2, 2005, 1:15 p.m.

(Note, as a result of the adoption of the City Council Policies & Procedures manual the format of the agenda has changed.)  

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum  

Approve Minutes of February 16, 2005  

Adoption of the Agenda  

General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present.  

SPECIAL ITEMS FROM THE PUBLIC (citizen requested to be placed on agenda)

1)         No. LF030205-01 - Craig Heiberger – Request for Waiver of Drainage Easement to Build a Carport  


2)         No. LF030205-02 - Approve Reappointment of Steve Doshier, Craig Grotenhouse, and Lou Williams to the Beautification Committee

3)         No. LF030205-03 - Approve Appointment of Duane Baumgartner to the Beautification Committee

4)         No. LF030205-04 - Approve Appointment of Fred Eisenbraun to the RSVP Advisory Council

5)         No. LF030205-05 - Resolution Declaring April 30, 2005 , as Rapid City Clean Up Day 


6)         No. LF021605-21 - Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 5011 Regarding Discount on Water, Sewer, and Garbage Bills (continued from the December 15, 2004, Legal and Finance Committee meeting, the February 2, 2005 Legal and Finance Committee meeting, and the February 16, 2005, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

7)         No. LF030205-06 - CIP Committee Update

8)         No. LF030205-07 - CIP Committee - Financial Update  


9)         No. LF030205-08 - Approve Travel Request for Wendy Ganser and Jim Ganser to Attend Recruiting in Grand Rapids , Michigan from March 13, 2005 , through March 19, 2005 , in an Approximate Amount of $1,824   



10)         No. LF030205-09 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to execute the Professional Services Agreement with Virginia Wood Nelson in accordance with the Proposal for Services for Customer Service Training for the Growth Management Department staff in an amount not to exceed $9,000.00

11)      No. 05OA001 - Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 5041 Amending Section 17.50.080 of the Rapid City Municipal Code to Include Multi-Family Dwellings in Planned Residential Developments 

12)      No. LF030205-15 - 2005-2006 CLG Grant Application for Historic Preservation Commission  


13)      Report from Committee on Selection of a Real Estate Broker for the Sale of City Property Near the Visitor Information Center  


14)      No. LF030205-10 - Approve Travel Request for Parks & Recreation Director Jerry Cole, Recreation Division Manager Doug Lowe and Parks Division Manager Lon Van Deusen to attend the National Parks & Recreation Assoc. Midwest Regional Conference in Salina , Kansas from April 14-17, 2005 in an Approximate Amount of $2,069

15)      No. LF030205-11 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Lease Agreement between the City of Rapid City and Canyon Lake Little League, Inc.  



16)      No. LF021605-13 – Resolution Declaring Heavy Constructors a Non-Responsible Bidder (continued from the February 16, 2005 , Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

17)      No. LF021605-09 - Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5025 Repealing Chapter 1.08 of the Rapid City Municipal Code Relating to Wards and Precincts and Adopting a New Revised Chapter 1.08 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

18)      No. LF021605-03 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5026 Amending the Regulations of Parking Within the City of Rapid City by Amending Section 10.44.070 of Chapter 10.44 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

19)      No. LF030205-12 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Lease Agreement with Pennington County for Friendship House

20)      No. LF030205-14 - David Schlinkert – 2516 Elm Street – Request for City to Pay for Cleanup Costs  for Trash and Debris on Property  


21)      No. LF030205-13 - Approve the Following Abatement:  Stanley G. Triplett, 2004, $1,414.10 


21)      Approve the Following Licenses:

Plumbing Apprentice:  Tyrel Akley, David Bartling, Greg Darrow, Bradley Hatheway, Joseph Kerns, Lon Krueger, Steve Leithauser, Aaron Olson, Marvin Tisdall, Loren A Voss

Plumbing Contractor:  Barry W Akley, Precision Plumbing Inc.; Dennis H Corcoran, Tessier’s Inc.; Kevin B Curl, Diamond C Mechanical; Steve Darling, Plumbing Design & Installation; Paul Dollman, Paul’s Plumbing Service; Jack Franke, Day & Night Plumbing; Wayne Gutzmer, Gutzmer Mechanical; John D Hammond Jr., Action Mechanical; Benjamin (Bruce) Hartley; Paul L Iseminger, Western Mechanical Service; Keith E Jackson, Action Mechanical; Frank Krohmer, Krohmer Plumbing; Larry Nelson, Nelson Ditching & Excavating Inc.; Larry L Olson, Olson’s Plumbing & Heating; Gene Opstedahl, Opstedahl Plumbing; John E Paulson, Paulson’s Plumbing; Steve Prestjohn, Black Hawk Plumbing & Heating; Robert Raczynski, AAA Plumbing; James Rensch, Rushmore Plumbing Services Inc.; David T Rohrer, Plumber Dave; Alvin S Rudd Jr., Rudd Plumbing; Jim Schnittgrund, Jim’s Plumbing & Heating Inc.; Wesley Scholl, Scholl Plumbing & Heating Inc.; Terry A Sharkey, Sharkey Plumbing & Heating Inc.; Ted Simonson, Western Mechanical; Kenneth Skyberg, Seepco – Seepco Storage; Allan L Spodnik, Custom Plumbing; John Thomas, A Plus Plumbing LLC; Doug A Van Dierendonck, Doug’s Plumbing; Dana Walker, Dana’s Plumbing; Elmer Wiege, Wiege Plumbing Repair

Plumber:  Gerald C Barry, Thurman W Blackbird, Joel R Brown, Jerome W Bryant, Dennis C Carlton, Andrew B Chado, Jerald L Cihak, Bernard L Curl, Keith R Harrison, Leo S Kline, Dan A Michael, Bruce A Nash, Henry Niemann, Tim Podoll, Mark Weglin

Water Softening Contractor:  Gary Robinson, Culligan Water Conditioning

Residential Contractor:  Charles Rogers, Country Home Builders; Michele Bascom, Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity; Michael W Bartels, WRB Construction LLC

House Mover:  Ross Olson, Modern House Mover

Sign Contractor:  Barney Jorensen, Barney’s Signs

Sewer & Water Journeyman:  Don Brumbaugh – City of Rapid City; Gale Schipke – City of Rapid City; Merritt Duffield - Duffield Construction; Richard Barber - Duffield Construction; William Schamber – Excavating Specialists; Michael Atchley - Excavating Specialists; Robert Hengen - Hills Materials; Dale Raish - Hills Materials; Stephen Swanson - Hills Materials; Warren Case - Hills Materials; Warren Jaasund - Hills Materials; Thomas Schumacher - Hills Materials; Norman Wiederrich - Hills Materials; Art Askland - Quinn Construction; Rodney Rilling  - Quinn Construction; Lyle Bromwich - Rapid Construction; Gene Johnson - Rapid Construction; Bryan Wildberger - Rapid Construction; Rob Davis - Rapid Construction; Donald Krebs – Rapid Construction; James Lester - Rapid Construction; Cameron Miller – Miller Construction; Randy Schumacher - Site Works Specialists; Leonard Baker – Site Works Specialists; Owen Emme - Summit Inc.; Thomas Lester – Summit Inc.; Duane Olesen – Beka Ditching; Paul Granum – Site Works Specialists; John Tippman – RCS Construction; Kevin Hein – Scull Construction

Sewer & Water Contractor:  Jack Franke – Day & Night Plumbing; Jim Schnittgrund – Jim’s Plumbing & Heating; Sam Morris, III – Lind Exco; Duane Olson – Olson Excavating; Bryan Rick - Quality Excavating; Perry Van De Steeg – RCS Construction; Steve Van Houten – Rapid Construction; John Duffield – Duffield Construction; Robert Burns – Earthorizons; Gerold Schuelke – Highmark; Robert Quinn – Quinn Construction; Rodney Reynolds – Rod’s Excavating; Michael Schnell – Simon Contractors; Dwight Hanna – Zandstra Construction; Jack Sagdalen – Hills Construction; Douglas Wilson – Sitework Specialists

Trenching Journeyman:  Paul Kreun – Cable Communication Service; Scott Turner - Cable Communication Service; David Rhodes - Cable Communication Service; James Renville - Cable Communication Service; Paul Petersen – Dave’s Construction; David Jedlicka – Hills Materials; Paul Tedford - Hills Materials; Steven Quenzer – Hills Materials; Marcus Cleberg – MDU; Ron Blum – MDU; William Dutton – MDU; Billy Gifford – MDU; Gary Higlin – MDU; Wade Jutila – MDU; Henry McIntosh – MDU; Donald Donaldson – MDU; Kip Easton – MDU; Jim Gray – MDU; Rick Himmelspach – MDU; Jim Lien – MDU; Don Osborne – MDU; Kelly Smith – MDU; Chuck Yotter – MDU; Wade Wasserburger – MDU; Tom Beetem – BH Fibercom; Douglas Brink – Brink Electric Construction; Marc Myers – Site Work Specialists

Trenching Contractor:  Don Williams – Cable Communication Service; Robert Johnson – Energy Electric; Dale Christiansen – Honey Creek Landscape; Michale Dimond –JMD Excavating Scott Bolton – Mainline Contracting; Robert Munyan – Munyan Excavating LLC; John Tenquist – Mastec Twin Cities; Andrew Morse – MDU; Guy Mann – MDU; Schad Cody – Schad Construction; Jared Tordsen – Tordsen Backhoe Service; Jamie Gerlach – All Around Construction; Ray “Butch” Crawford–C&L Utility Construction; Ryan Kelly – Dean Kelly Construction; Floyd Simunek – Evergreen Landscaping; William Keller – Hills Materials; Jacob Ankele – Iron Horse Excavating; Kenneth Kainz – Kainz Contractors; Jim Mann - Mann Construction Co.; Paul Ekstrom – Push, Inc.; Kenneth Reinert – Spearfish Excavating; Douglas Wilson – Scull Construction Service