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ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the City Attorney's Office 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.

Please remember to turn all cellular phones off or to vibrate when entering the council chambers.

City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Wednesday, August 11, 2004, 1:15 p.m.

(Note, as a result of the adoption of the City Council Policies & Procedures manual the format of the agenda has changed.) 

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum 

Approve Minutes of July 28, 2004 

Adoption of the Agenda 

General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present. 

SPECIAL ITEMS FROM THE PUBLIC (citizen requested to be placed on agenda)

1)     No. LF081104-01 - Journey Museum – Request to be Designated as an Authorized Shooting Gallery

2)     No. LF081104-02 – Again Books – Request Permission to Place Tables and Chairs in Right of Way

3)     No. LF081104-16 – Rapid City Beautification Committee - Gwendolyn L. Stearns Foundation Grant 


4)     No. LF081104-03 - Approve Appointment of Suzanne Wilson to the Beautification Committee

5)     No. LF081104-04 - Approve Appointment of Jerry Brown to the Airport Board


6)     No. LF081104-05 - Approve Five Year Plan

7)     No. LF072804-03R - 2004 Amended Capital Plan for Streets, Drainage and MIP Projects (continued from July 28, 2004, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

8)     Approve Expenditure of Up to $7,000 from Council Contingency for a 2012 Advertising Campaign (continued from August 2, 2004, Council meeting)

9)     Discussion of Task Force to Study Downtown Parking During Annual Bike Rally 


10)    No. LF081104-06 - Approve Event Permit for Red Ribbon Committee to Hold Parade on October 23, 2004 


11)    No. LF081104-07 - Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 4082 Adopting the 2003 International Fire Code 


12)    No. LF081104-08 - Approve Travel Request for Don Jarvinen to Attend Introduction to Programming ArcObjects with VBA in Broomfield, CO, September 20-24, 2004, in an amount not to exceed $2,957.25

13)    No. LF081104-14  Request to Hold 2003 International Building Code/2003 International Residential Code Training in Rapid City

14)    No. LF081104-15 – Approve Fiscal Year 2004 Community Development Block Grant Subrecipient Contracts and Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Contracts 


15)    No. LF081104-09 - Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 4081 Regarding Supplemental Appropriation No. 3 for 2004

16)    No. LF081104-10 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Contract with Cellular One and Jack Haggerty for Cellular Phone Service

17)    No. LF072804-07 – Work Rule No. 11 of the Standard Schedule of Disciplinary Offenses/Penalties for City of Rapid City Employees (continued from August 2, 2004 Council meeting) 


18)    Bid Award of the Dahl Fine Arts Center Expansion, Elevator Replacement Project No. IDP04-1367 (continued from August 2, 2004, Council meeting) 


19)    No. LF081104-11 - Approve Professional Services Contract and Authorize Staff to Enter into Contract with Officials, Referees & Scorekeepers

20)    No. LF081104-12 - Resolution Authorizing Special Rates for the Rapid City Ice Arena and Swimming Pools


21)    No. LF063004-06 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 4074 Amending Sign Code Allowing Variance for Relocation of Existing Signs Due to Public Improvement Projects (continued from July 28, 2004, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

22)    No. LF072804-21 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Development Agreement for Tax Increment District No. 44 (continued from July 28, 2004, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

23)   No. LF081104-13 - Approve Travel Request for Jason Green to Attend IMLA Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX, October 2-6, 2004, in the Approximate Amount of $2,100 


24)    Approve the Following Licenses:

Plumbing Contractor:  Steve Bell, Steve’s Comfort Systems;

Plumber:  Richard K. Tollefson

Residential Contractor:  Americraft Custom Remodeling, Inc., Carmen Thompson

Trenching Journeyman:  Kevin Bartles, Dean Stygles