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ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the City Attorney's Office 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.

Please remember to turn all cellular phones off or to vibrate when entering the council chambers.

City of Rapid City, South Dakota
Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 1:15 p.m.

(Note, as a result of the adoption of the City Council Policies & Procedures manual the format of the agenda has changed.)

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

Approve Minutes of March 10, 2004

Adoption of the Agenda

General Public Comment

A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Aldermen present.

SPECIAL ITEMS FROM THE PUBLIC (citizen requested to be placed on agenda)

1)     Don Straub – Request Permission to Obtain Vendor’s License

2)     No. LF033104-01 - Invitation to the Public Reception for the Downtown Fountain Restoration Project – Historic Preservation Commission and South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Civil Engineering

3)     Warren and Mary Ann Engelbrecht – Potential Demolition of House at 1122 Quincy Street


4)     Committee Appointments

5)     Reorganization Update


6)     No. LF033104-02 - 2005 Budget Update and Request to Consider Any Property Tax Increases Separately from the Budget (Kooiker and Kriebel)

7)     No. LF033104-03 - CIP Committee – Monthly Update

8)     No. 04TP003 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Financial and Road Transfer Agreement between the City of Rapid City and the State of South Dakota

9)     No. LF100103-24R1 - Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 3988 Modifying the Regulation of the Rapid City Economic Development and Civic Improvements Fund by Amending Section 3.16.020 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

10)    Report from AOB Committee Meeting

11)    Term Limits (Hanks and Kooiker)


12)    No. LF033104-05 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Increasing Educational Loan Amounts

13)    No. LF033104-06 - Authorize Staff to Purchase a Chevrolet Suburban from Beck Motors (State Contract #14070) in the Amount of $29,116 and a Dodge Durango from Wegner Auto (State Contract #14076) in the Amount of $24,941


14)    Authorize Staff to go out for Bids on One New One-Ton Four Wheel Drive Crew Cab Pickup (Funding to Come from WMD Grant)

15)    No. LF033104-07 - Request from Fall River County Commission to Donate Surplus Dive Rescue Truck


16)    No. LF031004-03 - Resolution Approving Resolution of the City of Rapid City, South Dakota Relating to Lease-Purchase of Airport Facilities; Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of a Ground Lease Agreement, a Trust Agreement and a Lease-Purchase Agreement and Approving and Authorizing the Execution of Related Documents

17)    No. LF033104-08 – Approve Travel Request for Ken Simmons and Two Additional Staff Members to Attend 76th Annual AAAE Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, NV, from June 21-24, 2004, in the Approximate Amount of $6,001.96


18)    No. LF033104-09 - Proposed Amendment to Pennington County-Rapid City GIS Information  Policy Regarding Sharing of Data with Utility Companies

19)    No. LF033104-10 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Letter of Agreement with United Spinal Association In-House Training on Accessibility for Design Professionals

20)    Discussion of Pros and Cons of Allowing an Appeals Process for Continuations of the Planning Commission and Allowing Planned Development Designations Without Notification


21)    No. LF033104-11 - Resolution Declaring Property Surplus

22)    No. LF033104-12 - Resolution to Establish Additional Staffing in the Public Works Department

23)    No. LF033104-13 - Resolution to Establish Additional Staffing in the Parks and Recreation Department

24)    No. LF031004-05R – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 4018 Regarding Supplemental Appropriation No. 2 for 2004

25)    Authorization to Request Federal Emergency Management Funds ($50,000) to Install a Keyless Entry System in the CSAC Building

26)    No. LF033104-14 - Authorize Staff to Transfer $900 from 2003 Mini Grant Fund GREAT Program to 2004 Contract for Services Fund to Pay for Speaker for S.A.V.E. Youth Conference March 2-4, 2004 (Weed & Seed)


27)    No. LF033104-15 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Agreement for Construction of Sanitary Sewer Between the City of Rapid City and J.F. England’s Sons, Inc.

28)    No. LF033104-16 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Rapid City, Colin Treeby, and John Rock


29)    No. LF033104-17 - Resolution Establishing Pool Rates

30)    No. LF033104-18 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Contract with Rapid City Softball Association

31)    No. LF033104-19 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Golf Course Food and Beverage Concession Agreement

32)    No. LF033104-20 - Request for Proposals for Vending at Roosevelt Swim Center

33)    No. LF033104-21 - Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Agreement with Rapid City Racers Swim Club, Inc.


34)    No. LF031004-08 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 4031 Amending the Period of Time Junked or Abandoned Vehicles May Remain on Private Property by Amending Section 10.56.050 of Chapter 10.56 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

35)    No. LF031004-09 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 4032 Amending the Notification Requirements to Owner of Junked or Abandoned Vehicles by Amending Section 10.56.060 of Chapter 10.56 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

36)    No. LF031004-10 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 4033 Amending the Notification Requirements to Owner for Removal by the City of Junked or Abandoned Vehicles by Amending Section 10.56.080 of Chapter 10.56 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

37)    No. LF021104-09R – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 4021 Repealing Chapter 1.08 of the Rapid City Municipal Code Relating to Wards and Precincts and Adopting a New Revised Chapter 1.08 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

38)    No. LF033104-22 - Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 4030 Modifying the Regulation of Signs within the City of Rapid City by Amending Section 15.28.080 of the Rapid City Municipal Code


39)    No. LF033104-23 - Approve the Following Abatement:  Dorothy Dippert, 2003, $1,153.26


40)    Approve the Following Licenses:

Electrical Journeyman:  Jeremy Anderson, Harley Baker, Clark Steeves

Electrical Apprentice:  Corey Buckley, Andrew W. Doell, Jesse Jensen, Donnie Patterson

Electrical Contractor:  Jeffrey Neil Miller

Mechanical Apprentice:  Douglas Amick, David E. Bay, Tylor Bedford, Kasey Bowerman, Dale Buehler, Dana Dusek, Joshua R. Ebel, Frank Evans, Kenneth Gibson, Ronald E. Glasscock, Allen W. Hammerquist, Daniel I. Hartman, Troy Hastings, Danny Hayes, Tim Hillestad, Chad Horst, Jesse Horst, Mark A. Krolikowski, Charles W. Lefler, John Lefler, Jr., Justin Peckham, Luke Ronneberg, Mitch Shaffer, John Shook, John Siers, Mark Sigler, Dan Smith, Leonard Snavely, Jordan Thomas, Tim Von Eye, Victor Wood, Victor Zepeda

Mechanical Installer:  Marvin H. Anderson, Mike Anderson, John R. Ashby, Sr., D. Mike Austin, Dave A. Bell, Brian Bies, Terry A. Borr, Barry T. Bugenhagen, Mark L. Chilstrom, James B. Copeland, Jack Corean, Al Cornella, Scott Cornella, Gregory B. Cyriacks, Glenn Delabarre, Mark A. Deperte, Scott J. Deyoung, Franklin G. Durst, Jason D. Fenner, Robert Fleming, Theodore L. Foskett, Roger Friedrichsen, Chuck Hibbard, Chris Johnson, Ron Lineweber, Chuck Madrigal, Brad Madsen, Corey L. Merrill,  Lester Miles, Randi L. Miller, Jeffrey A. Murphy, Edwin Noble, Kenneth Noble, Michael J. Ogren, Harlan E. Olson, Philip G. Pulse, Richard J. Reif, Shannon J. Sailer, Kevin Schmidt, Dale Schulte, Christy M. Simons, Bret D. Sullivan, Mark R. Thomas, Steve Van Dam, Lance H. Walker, William E. Willard, Robert Witte, Joe Youngblood

Mechanical Contractor:  Accurate Plumbing & Heating, Gerald G. Cook; Action Mechanical, John Hammond, Jr.; Action Mechanical, Chris Johnson; Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning, Brian Staton; Aero Sheet Metal, Lee Estes; All Seasons Heating and Cooling, Doug Frisk; American Quality, Jeffrey A. Murphy; B & H Heating, Charles “Buzz” Hammerquist; Champion Home Service, Cody Champion; Al Cornella Refrigeration, Al Cornella;  Dakota Heating & A/C, Tony Baumstarck; Extreme Heating & Cooling, Johnathan C. Gehlsen; FBI Mechanical Electrical, Dave Willard; GEO-AIRE, Inc., Allen Daly; GEO-AIRE, Inc., Wade Shorb; High-Tech Mechanical, Inc., J. Craig Waddington; Iseman Mobile Homes, William N. Scoular; Iseman Mobile Homes, Kenneth L. Ward; Mark’s Home Services, Mark Deperte; Meyer Mechanical, Dan L. Meyer; Noble Heating & Air Conditioning, Kenneth Noble; Ray’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Raymond R. Winters; Ronneberg HVAC, Inc., Ron Ronneberg; Skinny’s Sheet Metal, Everett L. Smith; Tessier’s, Inc., Dennis Corcoran; Wieman Plumbing, Curt Wieman; Z’s Heating & Cooling, Aaron Zimmiond

Apprentice Plumber:  Christopher Alumbaugh, Aaron A. Brown, James Haynes, William C. Jennings, Jeffrey C. Stickler, James A. Stover, Ryan Vermeulen

Plumber:  Thurman W. Blackbird, Gayle Christianson, Roger Friedrichsen, Terry L. Godfrey Craig Heigh, Tim Hillestad, Chad Iseminger, Robert A. Mitchell, Tim Nayman, Henry Niemann, John E. Paulson, Douglas D. Ries, Lloyd J. Roscamp, Estes P. Rothenberger, Leonard Roy Smith, Brian D. Swenson, Shayne Tines, Timothy Lee Van Buren, Leo F. Volin

Plumbing Contractor:  AAA Plumbing, Robert Raczynski; Accurate Plumbing & Heating, Gerald G. Cook; Action Mechanical, Inc., Thomas Hagemann; Action Mechanical, Inc., John D. Hammond, Jr.; Action Mechanical, Inc., Dwight Kuntz; Action Mechanical, Inc., John D. Shook; C & S Plumbing, Tom Schultz; Callahan Plumbing & Heating, Tim Callahan; Darrell’s Plumbing & Heating, Darrell O. Barry; Day & Night Plumbing, Jack Franke; Day & Night Plumbing, Jason Franke; Fischbach Plumbing & Heating, Joseph Fischbach; JKD Plumbing, John K. Drewitz; Krohmer Plumbing, Frank Krohmer; Paul’s Plumbing Service, Paul Dollman; Plumbing Plus, Jon Anderson; Seepco – Seepco Storage, Kenneth Skyberg; Tessier’s, Inc., Dennis H. Corcoran; Town & Country Plumbing, Brian Huckins; Wieman Plumbing, Curt Wieman

Residential Contractor:  CWT Corporation, Dough & Ryan Gab; Scott Martin Construction, Scott A. Martin; Riss Homes, John A. Riss

Sewer & Water Contractor (new license):  Rodney Reynolds, Rod’s Excavating

Sewer & Water Contractor (renewal):  Chuck Ferguson Construction, Chuck Ferguson; Day & Night Plumbing, Jack Franke; De Haan Construction, Inc., James R. De Haan; Lind-Exco, Inc., Gregory A. Lind; Plumbing Plus, Jon Anderson; Simon Contractors, Michael R. Schnell; Solinsky Construction, Inc., Donald Solinsky; Spearfish Excavating, Inc., Kenneth Reinert; Alan K. Schroeder

Sewer & Water Journeyman (renewal):  Leonard Baker, Ron Berens, Jack Corr, Daniel J. Earley, Kevin Good, William W. Haas, Michael W. Irwin, Steve Lhotak, Samuel Morris, III, David R. Mueller, Brett Torrey

Sewer & Water Apprentice (renewal):  Jason R. Franke

Trenching Contractor (new license):  Kenneth Kainz, Kainz Contractors, Inc.; Jim Mann, Montana Dakota Utilities Co.

Trenching Contractor (renewal):  Checker Electric, Inc., Randall I. Albers; Flagler Trucking Construction, Nancy Flagler; Munyan Excavating, Inc., Robert Munyan; Stan’s Excavating, Stan Willmschen

Trenching Journeyman (new license):  Ron Blum, William Dutton, Kp Easton, Kevin Glover, Wade Jutila, Andrew Morse, Don Osborne, David M. Rhodes, Josh Sanders, Kelly Smith, Chuck Yotter

Trenching Journeyman (renewal):  Marcus T. Cleberg, Donald D. Donaldson, LaVern G. Foerster, Billy Gifford, Jim Gray, Gary Higlin, Rick Himmelspach, Jim Lien, Henry McIntosh, Rachael Moore, Larry J. Nelson, Kent Otto, Justin Parker, Anthony Patino, Wade C. Wasserburger



No. LF033104-04 - Approve Travel Request for Craig Chilson and Nick Lindsley to Attend Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Leadership Seminar in Helena, Montana, from April 13-16, 2004, in an Approximate Amount of $2,164