No. 10CA005 - Section 24, T1N, R7E

A request by Dream Design International, Inc. for THF Stoneridge Development, LLC to consider an application for an Amendment to the Adopted Comprehensive Plan to change the land use designation from Office Commercial with a Planned Commercial Development to General Commercial with a Planned Commercial Development of a portion of the SW¼ of the NE¼, Section 24, T1N, R7E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, More fully described as follows: Commencing at southeasterly corner of Lot 21 of Block 4 of Eastridge Estates Subdivision, common to the southwesterly corner of Lot 4 of Block 2 of Fifth Street Office Plaza, thence S54º58’38”E, a distance of 42.23 feet, to the point of beginning; Thence first course: S89º44’01”E, a distance of 29.43 feet; Thence second course: N80º14’20”E, a distance of 61.38 feet; Thence third course: S00º00’01”E, a distance of 397.37 feet; Thence fourth course: N89º44’34”W, a distance of 176.15 feet; Thence fifth course: N12º34’56”E, a distance of 395.82 feet, to the point of beginning, more generally described as being located northeast of the intersection of Stumer Road and Black Hills Boulevard.