Agenda Item Summary


Meeting Date: 7/23/2015

Historic Preservation Commission: 6/19/2015

Staff Contact: Sarah Hanzel, Long Range Planner I

Planning Commission: 6/25/2015; 7/23/2015

Petitioner: City of Rapid City

L&F Committee: 7/29/2015

Location: N/A

City Council 1st Reading: 8/3/2015


City Council 2nd Reading: 8/17/2015

Agenda Title:

15OA001 - Ordinance Amendment to promote Historic Preservation by Repealing Chapter 2.68 of the Rapid City Municipal Code and Adopting Provision in Chapters 17.04 and 17.54 of the Rapid City Municipal Code


Jim Lehe’s Final Report and Analysis of Rapid City’s Historic Preservation Program was submitted to the City in September 2014. Among other things, it recommended an amendment to the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. The ordinance amendment takes into consideration Mr. Lehe’s recommendations for the ordinance, but differs in many ways from what he proposed. The ordinance amendment describes the 11.1 Historic Review Process as required by State law, establishes Commissioner membership requirements, and establishes an article regarding the prevention of demolition by neglect.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):



Action: Approve

Notes: Planning Commission continued to the July 23, 2015 Planning Commission meeting: 6/25/2015



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Proposed Associated Resolution

11.1 Review Process Comparison

Planning Director Memo

Assistant City Attorney Memo

SHPO Letter of Support

HPC Comments on Lehe Report

Draft Minutes 6/19/15 HPC Meeting

HPC Comments

Ordinance (Clean Version)

Minutes from HPC/PC Joint Work Session