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Meeting Date: 7/9/2015

Planning Commission: 7/9/2015

Staff Contact: Robert Laroco, Current Planner II

PW Committee or L&F Committee: N/A

Petitioner: Shane Crecelius

City Council 1st Reading: N/A

Location: 319 Flint Drive

City Council 2nd Reading: N/A

Agenda Title:

15VA001 - Variance to setbacks


The applicant has submitted a request to reduce the required side yard setback on property located within the Low Density Residential District from 12 feet to 8 feet.  The existing single family detached residence includes an attached three stall garage located on the north side of the structure.  The garage is one story tall, requiring a minimum setback of 8 feet from the side lot line.  The applicant is proposing to construct an addition to the residence over the existing garage which would result in a two story tall structure located 8 feet from the northern lot line.  In the Low Density Residential District, a minimum 12 foot side yard setback is required for two story tall structures.  The applicant has requested this Variance to reduce the minimum required side yard setback for a two storied structure in the Low Density Residential District from 12 feet to 8 feet.  No other Variances have been requested.

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Action: Deny

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Project Report

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Site Survey

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