Agenda Item Summary


Meeting Date: 5/7/2014

Planning Commission: 5/7/2014; 11/6/2014

Staff Contact: Fletcher Lacock, Current Planner II

PW Committee or L&F Committee: N/A

Petitioner: Fisk Land Surveying and Consulting Engineers, Inc., for Dr. Jim Castleberry, Cornerstone Rescue Mission

City Council Appeal: 12/1/2014

Location: 301 Fox Run Drive

City Council 2nd Reading: N/A

Agenda Title:

14PD033Six month review of the Major Amendment to a Planned Development to allow a group home for transitional housing


On December 1, 2014, the City Council approved a Major Amendment to a Planned Development to allow a group home for transitional housing with the stipulation that “(t)his Major Amendment to a Planned Development shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission in six months at the May 7, 2015 Planning Commission meeting”.  However, as of this writing, the group home has not taken occupancy of the structure and, subsequently, has not been operating on the property since the approval of the Major Amendment.  In order to evaluate the impacts the use may have on the neighborhood, staff recommends that the stipulations be revised to review the Major Amendment six months after the group home has occupied the property.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):



Action: Approve with revised stipulations

Notes: Planning Commission approved: 11/6/2014; City Council upheld Planning Commission’s decision: 12/1/2014



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Staff Report

Legal Description

Zoning Map

Aerial Photograph

Letter of Intent

Floor Plan

Landscaping Plan

Public Comment – Pro

Public Comment – Con

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·         Incident Report

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