Agenda Item Summary


Meeting Date: 3/5/2015

Planning Commission: 3/5/2015

Staff Contact: Brad Solon; Buliding Official

PW Committee : 3/10/2015

L&F Committee: 4/1/2015

Petitioner: City of Rapid City

City Council 1st Reading: 3/16/2015


City Council 2nd Reading: 4/6/2015

Agenda Title:

15OA004 - Ordinance Amendment to Change the Name of Rapid Street Between Third and Fifth Street To Nikko Street And Between Fifth And Eight Streets To Apolda Street By Amending Sections 10.48.010, 12.08.050 And 17.36.010 Of The Rapid City Municpal Code


An ordinance to correct language in the Rapid City Municipal Code that would facilitate the change of the road name from Rapid Street to Nikko Street between 3rd and 5th Streets. The ordinance also corrects an error for the section named Apolda Street between 5th Street and Mt Rushmore Road, since the necessary amendment was not processed 15 years ago.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

Two Street signs would have to be corrected by the City Sign Shop between 3rd and 5th Streets. The street signs are already changed at Apolda Street.


Action: Approve

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