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Meeting Date: 3/27/2014

Planning Commission: 3/27/2014

Staff Contact: Vicki L. Fisher, Current Planning Manager

PW Committee or L&F Committee: N/A

Petitioner: Fisk Land Surveying and Consulting Engineers, Inc for Robert and Stacie Tschetter

City Council 1st Reading: 4/7/2014

Location: 6664 Dark Canyon Road

City Council 2nd Reading: N/A

Agenda Title:

13PL119 - Preliminary Subdivision Plan


On November 7, 2013, the applicant submitted a Preliminary Subdivision Plan application to subdivide one lot into two lots.  The Preliminary Subdivision Plan shows the lots are to be sized 0.53 acres and .067 acres, respectively, and are identified as Lots 2A and 2B of Dahm Subdivision.   Staff reviewed the Preliminary Subdivision Plan application and identified several items that must be addressed prior to this item going forward.  Subsequently, on November 25, 2013, the Preliminary Subdivision Plan was suspended to allow the applicant to address the items.  Pursuant to Chapter 16.08.100.C of the Rapid City Municipal Code, applications suspended for more than 90 consecutive days must be denied by the Director.  To date, the outstanding issues have not been resolved.  As such, the applicant has withdrawn the Preliminary Subdivision Plan application to allow them additional time to resolve the issues.  Once the outstanding issues are resolved, a new Preliminary Subdivision Plan application can be submitted for review and approval. 

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Action: Acknowledge the applicants withdrawal

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