No. 11RZ010 - Section 16, T1N, R8E

A request by Dream Design International, Inc. to consider an application for a Rezoning from Low Density Residential II District to Medium Density Residential District for a portion of the E½ of the SW¼ of Section 16, T1N, R8E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota more fully described as follows: Commencing at the center 1/4 of Section 16, T1N, R8E, thence, S49°21’21”W, a distance of 1495.20 feet, and the point of beginning; Thence, first course: S78°26’29”E, a distance of 133.79 feet; Thence, second course: S46°11’30”E, a distance of 27.93 feet; Thence, third course: S11°14’26”W, a distance of 54.54 feet; Thence, fourth course: S07°44’12”E, a distance of 61.80 feet; Thence, fifth course: S40°25’59”E, a distance of 28.90 feet; Thence, sixth course: S00°31’57”E, a distance of 130.69 feet; Thence, seventh course: S16°15’44”W, a distance of 42.87 feet; Thence, eighth course: S38°24’09”W, a distance of 40.33 feet; Thence, ninth course: S29°27’22”W, a distance of 85.27 feet; Thence, tenth course: S24°54’42”W, a distance of 88.70 feet; Thence, eleventh course: S09°48’26”W, a distance of 88.39 feet; Thence, twelfth course: S36°11’45”W, a distance of 52.87 feet; Thence, thirteenth course: N01°00’22”E, a distance of 143.84 feet; Thence, fourteenth course: N11°27’13”E, a distance of 200.28 feet; Thence, fifteenth course: N05°40’23”E, a distance of 40.49 feet; Thence, sixteenth course: N00°06’26”W, a distance of 263.59 feet; Thence, seventeenth course: S89°53’34”W, a distance of 52.00 feet; Thence, eighteenth course: N00°06’26”W, a distance of 26.88 feet, to the point of beginning, more generally described as being located east of the intersection of East Minnesota Street and Marlin Drive.