No. 06RZ008 - GLM Subdivision

A request by Dream Design International, Inc. to consider an application for a Rezoning from General Agriculture District to General Commercial District on Property described by metes and bounds beginning at the west ¼ corner of Section 28, T2N, R8E, BHM, a found rebar and cap. Thence east along the east-west ¼ line a distance of 1050.14 Feet to the true point of beginning; Thence S00º05'52"E a distance of 400.02 Feet; Thence N89º53'17"E a distance of 1533.64 Feet; Thence N89º54'10"E a distance of 69.68 Feet; Thence N00º02'14"W a distance of 395.87 Feet to the center of Section 28, a found rebar and cap; Thence N89º57'47"W a distance of 1603.74 feet to the point of beginning. Containing 14.65 acres more or less, more generally described as being located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Dyess Avenue and Interstate 90 and at the eastern terminus of Mall Drive.