No. 04CA039 - Section 30, T2N, R8E (I-90 Plaza)
Summary of Adoption Action - Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan by changing the future land use designation on an approximate 1.9 acre parcel from Medium Density Residential with a Planned Residential Development to General Commercial with a Planned Commercial Development on property described by metes and bounds eginning at the SE corner of Lot M of the NW1/4 SE1/4 of Section 30, T2N, R8E, BHM, Pennington County, SD: Thence N89º44'10"E - 80.00’; Thence N90º00’00”E - 219.82’ to the True Point of Beginning; Thence First Course: N90º00’00”E – 689.19’; Thence Second Course: N61º38’00”W – 265.21’; Thence Third Course: Along an arc to the left chord bearing N66º26'49"W a distance of 252.15' which radius is 1344.30' an arc distance of 252.52'; Thence Fourth Course: S44º44’10”W – 319.22’ to the True Point of Beginning, containing 1.9 Acres more or less, more generally described as being located approximately 220 feet east/southeast of the southeast corner of the intersection of Luna Avenue and Spruce Street.