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No. 02RZ003 - S.G. Interstate Plaza (Section 27, T2N, R7E)
A request by Fountain Springs Development to consider an application for a Rezoning from General Agriculture District to Light Industrial District on property described by metes and bounds beginning at the northeast corner of Tract 13-Revised of S.G. Interstate Plaza, thence first course: N13 28'08"E, a distance of 281.01 feet, thence second course: N76 58'30"W, a distance of 400.01 feet, thence third course: S1 30'07"E, a distance of 349.33 feet, thence fourth course: N45 59'38"E, a distance of 22.36 feet, thence fifth course: S84 18'59"E, a distance of 300.31 feet to the point of beginning. Said parcel containing 2.493 acres, more or less, all located in the W1/2 of Section 27, T2N, R7E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, more generally described as being located northwest of the intersection of North Plaza Drive and Fountain Plaza Drive.