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Meeting Date:  January 28, 2015

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Staff Contact: Lindsey Seachris

L&F Committee:  January 28, 2015

Petitioner:  Mayor Sam Kooiker  

City Council 1st Reading:  February 2, 2015

Location: Council Chambers

City Council 2nd Reading: February 16, 2015

Agenda Title:

Approve Ordinance No.  6029 to utilize the RCFD for airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF) service required by federal and state laws and regulations.


This ordinance is a housekeeping item, and codifies the September 5, 1989 City Council vote to affirm the relationship between the Airport and the Rapid City Fire Department regarding ARFF (Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting). The 1989 Council directed an ordinance be brought forward. For reasons unknown, the ordinance never came forward. So to further preserve and solidify the relationship between the Airport and RCFD, please support adding section 2.72.115, ARFF Services, to the Rapid City Municipal Code.

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Notes: The proposed ordinance has been written with the advice and feedback of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


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Attachments & Links:

Ordinance No. 6029

 Mayor’s Memo

 09/05/1989 Council Minutes

1989 Newspaper articles

Letter of support from Dustin Willett

Letter of support from former Fire Chief Gary Shepherd  

Letter of support from Dennis Gorton

Letter from Fire Chief Mike Maltaverne  

 Letter of support from IAFF  

Letter of support from Casey Warren

Letter of Support from Mark Weber, Retired Teamsters Business Agent

FAA Letter to Mayor Kooiker – 12/23/2014

Letter of support from Mike Roesler

Letter of support from Chief Karl Jegeris

Letter of support from Tim Kobes

Letter of support from Former Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing

Letter from Jim Sideras, Past President, SD Fire Chief’s Association

Letter of support from Andy Duda

Final MOU - Signed 1/27/15

Letter from Ray Carpenter, Airport Board President

2014 Quote from Pro-Tec

2014 Quote from Rural Metro

Research on follow-up of 1989 Council direction - 9/1989 to 3/1990

 Draft MOU 7/11/2014

Draft MOU 1/21/2015