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Meeting Date: August 14, 2013

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Staff Contact: Barbara Garcia

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Discussion of requirement under Rapid City Municipal Code § 17.50.280 that “all recreational vehicles, travel trailers and hauling trailers shall be parked or stored behind front yard setback line(s) . . . .”



Recreational vehicles, boats, travel trailers and hauling trailers are required to be parked or stored behind the front yard setback lines if to remain stationary for more than 72 hours. During the summer many people take their recreational vehicles out of storage and bring them to their house for use within the week or for the weekend for the duration of the summer or winter. Many properties do not have the space or access to place one behind the front setback but do have adequate space to park their vehicles in their own driveway, due to the length or width of the driveway, without blocking a sidewalk or causing a safety or sight triangle issue.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of recreational vehicles, etc. throughout the city and Code receives very few complaints on them, mostly because they are creating an unsafe condition by blocking the sidewalk or sight triangle. 


It is not uncommon to see 5 to 10 violations within a one or two block area, however there has been little political will for Code Enforcement to enforce this ordinance “to the letter”.  Direction in the past has been to enforce only when a complaint is received.  For safety issues that is not a problem, but it usually then elicits the “retaliatory” complaint against ALL recreational vehicles that does pose a problem.  If there is to be enforcement against one person parked in the driveway, that is not a safety issue, then it must be enforced for ALL violators in order to not be construed as selective or discriminate enforcement.


Code Enforcement needs direction on the level of enforcement wanted and requests that the language of the ordinance be changed to reflect that.


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Notes: Staff recommends that Council direct the Attorney’s Office to draft a change to the ordinance to allow parking of recreational vehicles, boats,  travel trailers and hauling trailers in private driveways or on a hard or gravel surface parking pad as long as it does not encroach into a sidewalk, right-of-way, street, or sight triangle.  


1.  Enforce ordinance fully, as written.  2.  Change ordinance to allow parking in driveway year around as long as no safety issue is created.  3.  Change ordinance to allow summer recreational vehicle parking (no safety issue) beyond 72 hours from April 1 to November 1, and November 1 to March 31 for winter recreational vehicles.  4.  

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