No. 10OA013B - Ordinance Amendment

A request by City of Rapid City to consider an application for an Ordinance Amending the Central Business Zoning District by adding “Other Temporary, Seasonal, and Continuous Retail Business or Structure” as a Permitted Use in Chapter 17.16.020 of the Rapid City Municipal Code.

Planning Commission recommended approval of the Ordinance Amendments amending Temporary Use Regulations in Chapter 17.50, Chapter 17.16, Chapter 17.18, Chapter 17.20, Chapter 17.30, Chapter 17.32, and Chapter 17.48 of the Rapid City Municipal Code.

VOTE: (8 to 0 with Christianson, Kinniburgh, Landguth, Marchand, Popp, Rippentrop, Rolinger and Wyss voting yes and none voting no)