The .16 Utility Fund Oversight Committee unanimously recommended to adopt the Utility Facility Fund Spreadsheet and to forward the spreadsheet to the March 29, 2006 Legal & Finance Committee for City Council approval with the following supporting documentation:


Utility Facility Fund Spreadsheet reflecting the projects recommended for funding authorization and their estimated year of construction: $1,000,000-Sanitary Sewer Extension Revolving Loan Fund; $850,000-Deadwood Avenue Sewer Extension; $525,000-Farrar Property Well & Transmission Main; $3,500,000-Elk Vale Elevated Water Reservoir and Booster Station; $1,300,000-Mall Drive from East North Street to LaCrosse Street; $750,000-Mall Drive from LaCrosse Street to Maple Avenue; $780,000-Rushmore Crossing High Pressure Water Main; $806,000-Rushmore Crossing sewer; and $964,000 un-programmed funds;


Area map with the project locations identified; and,


Financial Spreadsheet reflecting the recommended projects, the corresponding estimated year of construction and a five year analysis of the interest accrual and anticipated sales tax revenue to the Utility Fund Account.