ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify Community Planning and Development Services 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.



Friday, October 17, 2014    7:30 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.

Rapid City Council Chambers

City/School Administration Complex

300 Sixth Street

Call To Order


Accept ‘Speaker Request Forms’ from members of the public who are not on the agenda


Approval of Meeting Agenda


11.1 Reviews -

1.   1206 Clark Street (14RS022)

      Applicant: Rick and Carol Bell

      District: Environs – West Boulevard Historic District

      Request: New construction of residential home in the environs to comply with all Rapid City zoning    requirements for Medium Density Residential District.


2.   926 Quincy Street (14RS023)

Applicant: Shawn Krull for John and Sherri Raforth

District: West Boulevard Historic District – Contributing

Request: Remove existing cedar shake roof, replace with enviro-shingle 


Approval of Minutes

1.     Approval of the October 3, 2014 meeting minutes


Treasurer’s Report

1.     Budget Information – August 15, 2014


Staff Items

1.     Staff Memo & Jim Lehe’s Report


New Business

1.     Motion requested by Chair Krull to obtain Commissioner Bio’s – 1 to 2 sentences.


Subcommittees Updates                                                                                                             

1.   Website

2.   Design Guidelines Subcommittee                                                                         Monroe

3.   Founders Park                                                                                                     Kingsbury


SHPO Summary Report

SHPO concurred with the findings from the 10/03/2014 11.1 Reviews. Kate Nelson commented that since the appeal and case report for 1725 9th Street is a modification to a previous 11.1 Review and SHPO already concurred with the original HPC recommendation, no additional comments from SHPO is necessary.