Friday, January 16, 2009
7:30 A.M. - 3rd Floor West Conference Room
City/School Administration Complex
300 Sixth Street


Call To Order

11.1 Reviews

Informational Item
1. Hotel Alex Johnson - Rich Dunkelberger/Kelli Digges

1. Approval of the January 5, 2009 minutes

Treasurer's Report

New Business

Old Business

1. Special Project Subcommittee - Pat Roseland
2. Photo Documentation Project - Mike Bender
3. Photo Archive Catalog Improvement - Norm Nelson
4. West Boulevard Photo Project - Jean Kessloff
5. Historic Preservation Ordinance - Bill Kessloff
6. Mt. Rushmore Road Corridor Study Comments - Duane Baumgartner
7. Historic District Tree Replacement Master Plan - Mike Bender
8. West Boulevard Study Committee - Norm Nelson
9. Pennington County Court House Preservation Committee - Jean Kessloff

Other Business
1. Buildings for Recognition - Duane Baumgartner
2. Buildings in Peril

a. Buell Building
b. Aby's Feed & Seed Elevator
c. 1000 Block of Saint Joseph Street
d. 416-426 Omaha Street (Tri-State Milling Complex)
e. 808 Saint Joseph Street ( Old Business College )
f. 812 Saint Joseph Street (Old Lakota Lodge)
g. 615 Kansas City Street (Kegaries-Dawley Clinic)
h. Alex Johnson Hotel
i. Sweeney House
j. Soo San Hospital Complex

3. Structures in Peril

a. Rock guardrails on south end of Skyline Drive

Follow-Up Items
1. 5 th Street Tour/Survey