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Meeting Date: 5/5/2014

Planning Commission: 4/24/2014

Staff Contact: Vicki Fisher, Current Planning Division Manager

Legal & Finance Committee: 4/30/2014

Petitioner: City of Rapid City

City Council 1st Reading: 5/5/2014


City Council 2nd Reading: 5/19/2014

Agenda Title:

14OA005 - Ordinance Amendment to Amend Chapter 17.16 of the Rapid City Municipal Code to Allow a Pet Store as a Conditional Use in the Central Business District


The Rapid City Municipal Code currently does not allow a pet store as a permitted use or a conditional use in the Central Business District.  However, it appears that from time to time over the years pet stores have been located in the Central Business District.  Most recently, it has been brought to the City’s attention that “Mount Rushmore Birds” is located at 910 Main Street which is within the City’s Central Business District.  Staff discussed this issue with the Planning Commission at their March 6, 2014 meeting and was subsequently directed by the Planning Commission to bring forward an Ordinance Amendment to allow a pet store as a Conditional Use in the Central Business District. 

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):



Action: Approve

Notes: Planning Commission recommended approval: 4/24/2014; Legal and Finance recommended approval: 4/30/2014



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