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Meeting Date: 7/10/2013

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Staff Contact: Pauline Sumption, Wade   Nyberg

PW Committee or L&F Committee: 7/10/2013

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City Council 1st Reading: 7/15/2013

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No. LF071013-23 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 5951 to Change the Process for Small Purchases and Execution of Contracts by Department Directors by Amending Sections 3.04.030 and 3.04.090 of the Rapid City Municipal Code



 This ordinance will change the process by which purchases of supplies and equipment under $25,000 approved.  Department Directors currently have the authority to approve purchases up to this amount, but any purchase or contract over $5,000 must go through the mayor and finance officer for approval as well.  This ordinance streamlines the approval process by taking out the step of Mayor and FO approval.  Purchases often are approved by several people (supervisors, division managers, dept directors), and removing 2 approval layers will make the process more efficient to the benefit of the City’s vendors, customers, and staff.  The $25,000 limit on department director authority does not change -- that is the current limit before competitive bidding is required.  Also, the aggregate limitation stays the same, where no department director can enter into multiple contracts or make multiple purchases that total more than $25,000.  Please note that there is an updated ordinance for 2nd reading marked AMENDED.  This ties the limit on Dept Director purchases to the state law bid limit on purchases for supplies and equipment (but not public improvements, which has a larger limit). This will let the amount change to match state law, should state law be amended.  Also, the amended version changes from $2,000 to $5,000 the amount of a purchase/contract where a Dept Director is required to get quotes before purchasing.

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Civic Center Letter of Support

Public Works Department Letter of Support

Amended Ordinance

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