No. 10RZ052 - Section 9, T1N, R8E

A request by City of Rapid City to consider an application for a Rezoning from Mobile Home Residential District to Flood Hazard District for a portion of the SW1/4 of Section 9, T1N, R8E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, more fully described as follows: Commencing at the southeast corner of Lot 5 of Melody Acres Subdivision, Thence N00°00’43”E, a distance of 57.45 feet, Thence N89°35’42”E, a distance of 275.506 feet, to the Point of Beginning; Thence N89°34’29”E, a distance of 114.623 feet; Thence N89°35’30”E, a distance of 35.008 feet; Thence N89°32’40”E, a distance of 1.957 feet; Thence S34°16’40”E, a distance of 66.118 feet; Thence S34°16’47”E, a distance of 30.08 feet; Thence S34°16’41”E, a distance of 74.766 feet; Thence S34°16’20”E, a distance of 7.841 feet; Thence S23°6’1”E, a distance of 91.574 feet; Thence S23°5’50”E, a distance of 44.668 feet; Thence S62°59’51”E, a distance of 42.824 feet; Thence S62°59’36”E, a distance of 171.187 feet; Thence S63°3’4”E, a distance of 6.733 feet; Thence S62°59’41”E, a distance of 17.66 feet; Thence S62°59’43”E, a distance of 272.49 feet; Thence S0°3’57”E, a distance of 24.008 feet; Thence S0°18’48”E, a distance of 105.73 feet; Thence N37°37’20”W, a distance of 45.453 feet; Thence N48°21’41”W, a distance of 69.026 feet; Thence N56°19’31”W, a distance of 82.587 feet; Thence N67°6’20”W, a distance of 123.553 feet; Thence N72°27’9”W, a distance of 101.734 feet; Thence N41°48’54”W, a distance of 101.977 feet; Thence N55°26’11”W, a distance of 123.248 feet; Thence N69°45’34”W, a distance of 24.993 feet; Thence N83°51’7”W, a distance of 33.268 feet; Thence N52°11’37”W, a distance of 37.296 feet; Thence N57°37’27”W, a distance of 52.039 feet; Thence N47°17’28”W, a distance of 31.032 feet; Thence N41°43’55”W, a distance of 34.971 feet; Thence N26°10’27”W, a distance of 40.358 feet; Thence N8°9’47”W, a distance of 67.685 feet; Thence N20°43’29”W, a distance of 34.975 feet; Thence N25°31’42”W, a distance of 27.14 feet; Thence N27°34’23”W, a distance of 12.229 feet, to the point of beginning, more generally described as being located west of Elk Vale Road, east of South Valley Drive between Melody Lane and Scott Street.

Public Works Committee recommended that the Rezoning from No Use District to Flood Hazard District be approved.

Planning Commission recommended that the Rezoning from Mobile Home Residential District to Flood Hazard District be approved.

VOTE: (8 to 0 with Braun, Brewer, Christianson, Gregg, Kinniburgh, Popp, Rippentrop and Rolinger voting yes and none voting no)