No. 04VR002 - Original Townsite of Rapid City
A request by Alliance of Architects and Engineers for the Rapid City Journal to consider an application for a Vacation of Right-of-Way on Lots 1 thru 32, Block 79, Original Townsite of Rapid City, Section 1, T1N, R7E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, more generally described as being located at 507 Main Street.

Staff recommends that the Vacation of Right-of-Way be continued to the November 1, 2004 City Council meeting as the stipulations of approval have not been met.

Planning Commission recommends that the Vacation of Right-of-Way be approved with the following stipulations:

1. Prior to City Council approval, the proposed vacated portion of the right-of-way shall be recorded at the Register of Deed's office as a utility easement with a note on a miscellaneous document that the City and utility companies retain the right to access the fenced utility easement;

2. A Knox Lock Box shall be installed in an accessible location as determined by the Fire Department;

3. Any future approach locations provided to the affected properties shall comply with all applicable provisions of the Street Design Criteria Manual; and,

4. Prior to City Council approval, written documentation from all of the affected utility companies shall be submitted indicating no objection to the vacation.

VOTE: (8 to 0 with Brown, Fast Wolf, Anderson, Nash, Prairie Chicken, Rodriguez, Schmidt and Hadcock voting yes and none voting no)