No. 04RZ039 - Sections 29 & 30, T2N, R8E (I-90 Plaza)
A request by Dream Design International to consider an application for a Rezoning from General Agriculture District to General Commercial District on Tract C of the SW¼ and an unplatted portion of the SW¼ of Sec. 29, and SE¼ of Section 30, T2N, R8E, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota described as follows: Beginning at the northwest intersection of the Right-of-way of Cherry Avenue and Sunnyside Avenue, Thence First Course: S90º00’00”W - 170.00'; Thence Second Course: N50º00'00”E - 843.73'; Thence Third Course: N00º00'00”E – 600.54'; Thence Fourth Course: N90º00'00”W – 1000.49'; Thence Fifth Course: N00º04'37”W – 1076.46'; Thence Sixth Course: Along an arc to the right with a chord bearing S74º34'20"E and a length of 637.90' with radius of 2142.00' an arc length of 640.29'; Thence Seventh Course: Along an arc to the right with radius of 2906.00' an arc distance of 221.90'; Thence Eighth Course: S61º38'02"E - 1274.64'; Thence Ninth Course: S41º50'06"E - 132.85'; Thence Tenth Course: S61º38'02"E - 225.00'; Thence Eleventh Course: S68º57'37"E - 352.88'; Thence Twelfth Course: S61º38'02"E - 175.00'; Thence Thirteenth Course: S50º01'40"E - 101.98'; Thence Fourteenth Course: S61º20'16"E - 125.00'; Thence Fifteenth Course: S72º38'51"E - 101.98'; Thence Sixteenth Course: S61º56'20"E - 315.51'; Thence Seventeenth Course: S00º07'29"E - 311.11'; Thence Eighteenth Course: S00º07'37"E - 280.18'; Thence Nineteenth Course: S00º07'31"E - 347.13'; Thence Twenty-first Course: N63º19'45"W - 138.40'; Thence Twentieth Course: Along an arc to the left chord bearing N86º23'34"W a distance of 1704.20' which radius is 2173.30' an arc distance of 1751.19'; Thence Twenty-second Course: N00º11'27"W – 145.14'; Thence Twenty-third Course: S89º51'40"W - 920.61' to the Point of Beginning, containing 93.2 Acres more or less, more generally described as lying south of Interstate 90, east of Spruce Street, north of Anamosa Street and north of the existing Railroad right-of-way, and approximately 1000 feet west of the intersection of I-90 and Exit 60 (East North Street).

Planning Commission recommended that the Rezoning from General Agriculture District to General Commercial District be approved
in conjunction with the related Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and Planned Development Designation.

VOTE: (6 to 0 with Anderson, Fast Wolf, Hadcock, Nash, Prairie Chicken and Schmidt voting yes and with none voting no)