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Mary Hall Park  - Kiwanis Development Proposal

Parks & Recreation Subcommittee Recommendation:

The Parks & Recreation Subcommittee unanimously recommended to:

    1.   Reaffirm the Parks & Recreation Subcommittee support for the Mary Hall Park development project;

    2.    Encourage the Kiwanis to review all the comments provided as some have merit and some do not;

    3.    Encourage open communication with the Friends of Mary Hall Park; and,

    4.   Utilize the Wyss letter of December 10, 2001 (copy attached) as a starting point for those discussions including:

        A.   The removal of the elevated observation deck adjacent to the uplands meadow;

        B.   The elimination of the deck and low-flow stream crossing at the Natural Spring site;

        C.    The reduction of the parking lot to the minimum allowed under the municipal code; and

        D.    The elimination of the tot lot play area.