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 No. 01PD062 - Skyline Pines East
A request by Wyss Associates for Web Real Estate Holdings Company LLC to consider an application for a Planned Development Designation on property described by metes and bounds beginning from a point 1795.13 feet at a bearing S89390"E from the SW corner of the NW1/4 of the SE1/4 of Section 11, T1N, R7E, BHM, travel 431.35 feet at a bearing N22242"W, Then travel 310.56 feet along a 230 LHF curve with a chord bearing N163812" E, Then travel 161.93 feet at a bearing N551917"E, Then travel 227.59 feet at a bearing S343520"E,Then travel 300.07 feet at a bearing S45W, Then travel 305.00 feet at a bearing S34365"E, Then travel 165.44 feet at a bearing S45W, Then travel 26.8 feet at a bearing N89390"W, to the point of start, more generally described as being located west of the western terminus of Fairmont Boulevard and north of Tower Road.

Planning Commission recommended that the Planned Development Designation be continued to the March 18, 2002 City Council meeting at the applicant's request.

VOTE: (10 to 0)