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TO:            Rapid City City Council

FROM:      Rapid City Planning Commission

ITEM:        PLAT #99PL107 - Marshall Heights Tract

A request by Renner & Sperlich for Steve Lester to consider an application for a Final Plat on Lots 1 & 2 of Lot K-4 (formerly the Balance of Lot K-4 less Lot H-1) of Marshall Heights Tract located in the NE1/4 of the SW1/4 of Section 30, T2N, R8E, BHM Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, more generally described as being located at the intersection of Rapp Street and LaCrosse Street.

Planning Staff recommends that the Final Plat be continued to the September 18, 2000 City Council meeting as the applicant has not met the stipulations.


Planning Commission recommended that the Final Plat be approved with the following stipulations:

Engineering Division Recommendations:

1. That the access to LaCrosse Street be limited to a total of two approaches for both parcels, plus one ingress only serving Lot 2, or that revised engineering plans detailing proposed grades for the ingress serving Lot 2 to meet the Street Design Criteria Manual standards be submitted for review and approval;

2. That prior to Final Plat approval, a non-access easement for all areas along LaCrosse Street with the exception of the three points of ingress/egress be provided;

3. That the applicant shall construct a sidewalk along Rapp Street according to City standards or post surety for this improvement;

Fire Department Recommendations:

4. That prior to approval of the Final Plat, design plans showing the angles of approach off of LaCrosse Street and Rapp Street shall be submitted demonstrating that they are adequate for the ingress/egress of Fire Department emergency vehicles;

Urban Planning Division Recommendations:

5. That prior to approval of the Final Plat, an estimate for subdivision inspection fees shall be submitted for review and approval, and said fees shall be paid in full; and,

6. That prior to approval of the Final Plat all subdivision improvements shall be installed or surety posted for the improvements.

Vote: (8 to 1)