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To: Rapid City City Council

From: Rapid City Planning Commission

No. 00RZ031 - Pioneer Subdivision
An application by Robert Powles for 16 Plus, LLC to consider a request for a Rezoning from No Use District to General Commercial District on property described by metes and bounds commencing at the Section Corner common to Sections 26, 27, 34 and 35 in T1N, R7E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota, thence S89 5352"W, a distance of 33 feet, thence south, a distance of 109.68 feet, thence S07 2000"W, a distance of 302.86 feet, to the point of beginning; THENCE FIRST COURSE: S89 5352"W, a distance of 428.80 feet; THENCE SECOND COURSE: S07 5352" W, a distance of 178.06 feet; THENCE THIRD COURSE: S26 5352"W, a distance of 1037.81 feet; THENCE FOURTH COURSE: N89 4730"W, a distance of 328.72 feet; THENCE FIFTH COURSE: S00 1230"W, a distance of 1156.026 feet; THENCE SIXTH COURSE: N89 1007"E, a distance of 22.59 feet; THENCE SEVENTH COURSE: N00 0519"E, a distance of 306.95 feet; THENCE EIGHTH COURSE: S89 0500"E, a distance of 880.12 feet; to a point on a nontangent curve concave to the east, having a radius of 2092.00 feet through which a radial line bears N13 3248"E; THENCE NINTH COURSE: northeasterly along said curve, through an angle of 12 2536", a distance of 453.73 feet; THENCE TENTH COURSE: S82 40 E, a distance of 50 feet; THENCE ELEVENTH COURSE: N07 2000"E, a distance of 1543.08 feet; to the point of beginning, said parcel contains 34.836 acres, more or less, all located in the E1/2 of the NE1/4 of Section 34, T1N, R7E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota, more generally described as being located approximately .6 miles south of the intersection of Catron Boulevard and U.S. Highway 16, on the west side.

Planning Commission recommended approval of the Rezoning from No Use District to General Commercial District in conjunction with the Planned Development Designation.

Vote: Unanimous (9 to 0)