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To:     Rapid City City Council

From: Rapid City Planning Commission

No. 00PD023 - Skyview North and Minnewasta Subdivision
An application by Wyss Associates for B.E. Development to consider an application a Planned Residential Development - Final Development Plan on property described by metes and bounds beginning at the intersection of Sections 10, 11, 14 and 15 of Township 1 North, Range 7 East, B.H.M., travel 143.55 feet bearing N 0 21 02" E, thence 501.90 feet bearing N 24 48 28" W. This is the point of beginning. Commencing at the point of beginning, travel 304.9 feet bearing S 67 43 38" W, thence 98.72 feet bearing S 82 23 55" W, thence 108.07 feet bearing N 82 55 53" W, thence 164.61 feet bearing N 49 32 29" W, thence 133.32 feet bearing N 21 09 41" W, thence 146.18 feet bearing N 61 04 40" W, thence 50.52 feet bearing N 5 26 38" E, thence 50.56 feet bearing N 53 41 30" W, thence 148.08 feet bearing S 84 54 36" W, thence 72.78 feet bearing N 64 42 04" W, thence 91.66 feet bearing N 17 29 57" W, thence 52.49 feet bearing N 60 01 19" W, thence 322.51 feet bearing N 0 10 E, thence 587.14 feet bearing S 89 38 E, thence 924.89 feet bearing N 0 10 E, thence 520.87 feet bearing S 89 57 E, thence 595.72 feet bearing S 13 4 37" E, thence 483.06 feet bearing S 12 41 20" W, thence 371.36 feet bearing S 22 48 48" W, thence 272.90 feet bearing S 24 48 55" E to the point of beginning; and Lot 25 of Block 1 of Minnewasta Subdivision, located in the E1/2 of the SE1/4 of Section 10, T1N, R7E, BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, more generally described as being located at the east end of Harney Road.

Planning Commission recommended approval of the Planned Residential Development - Final Development Plan with the following stipulations:

Engineering Division Recommendations:

1. Specific geotechnical and slope stability information must be submitted for review and approval prior to issuance of any building permits;

Fire Department Recommendations:

2. Prior to issuance of a building permit for a particular lot, the property owner shall submit the proposed driveway grade for review and approval of the Engineering Division and Fire Department. If the proposed driveway grade exceeds 15% for any lot a sprinkler system shall be installed in the dwelling unit. Plans for the sprinkler system shall be submitted for review and approval by the Fire Department;

Urban Planning Division Recommendations:

3. No building permit shall be issued for any lot unless the lot has been included as part of an approved Preliminary and Final Plat;

4. Only single-family residences and accessory structures as allowed by the Zoning Ordinance may be constructed within the Planned Commercial Development and only in accordance with the identified building envelopes;

5. All bulk, height and density requirements of the Low Density Residential Zoning District shall apply to this development except that buildings shall not be constructed outside of the approved building envelopes; and,

6. Each single family residence shall provide a minimum of three (3) off-street parking spaces.

Vote: Unanimous (9 to 0)