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To: Rapid City City Council

From: Rapid City Planning Commission

No. 00RZ026 - MDU Subdivision
An application by TSP Three for Montana Dakota Utilities to consider an application for a Rezoning from the Flood Hazard Zoning District to Light Industrial Zoning District on a tract of land in Lot B of Tract 32 of Rapid City Greenway Tracts, in Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, more fully described as follows: Beginning at the intersection of the centerlines of vacated East St. Joseph Street and vacated Brennan Avenue, marked by a 3" diameter pipe; Thence S00 0751"W along the centerline of vacated Brennan Avenue, a distance of 296.15 feet to a rebar with a survey cap No. 1771 on the north right-of-way line of the DM&E Railroad; Thence curving northwesterly to the left along said right-of-way line on an arc of radius 2,914.93 feet and chord of N58 3357"W, 473.52 feet an arc distance of 474.04 feet to a rebar; Thence, continuing along said right-of-way N58 2521"W a distance of 30.17 feet to a rebar on the centerline of vacated East St. Joseph Street; Thence, S89 5240"E along said centerline, a distance of 407.35 feet to the point of beginning. Said Tract contains 1.30 acres, more or less, located in Section 6, T1N, R8E, more generally described as being located at 718 Steele Avenue.

Planning Commission recommended approval of the Rezoning from Flood Hazard Zoning District to Light Industrial Zoning District.

Vote: Unanimous (9 to 0)